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OnlineSchools.org Infographic Drastically Underreports BlackBerry App Numbers


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There’s an infographic going around that was created by OnlineSchools depicting the number of apps for each smartphone platform. What’s interesting about it is just how much they’ve underreported the BlackBerry app numbers, and how little those reporting on the infographic are scrutinizing it. According to the infographic, BlackBerry only has 2,779 apps.

Not too long ago we did a breakdown of the number of apps in App World and we were incredibly conservative about what can be considered an app. Removing duplicates, eBooks and themes, App World still has around 9,000 apps. But that’s just App World. As we all know, you can get a BlackBerry app from third party sites and places other than App World, not to mention all of the enterprise apps that aren’t distributed in App World either.

Here are some quotes from sites that reported the news, showing just how little people question these numbers:
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