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Ottawa Will Be First City in Canada to Get LTE – Preorder Sierra Rocket Stick


Rogers LTE

Rogers has announced that Ottawa will be the first city in Canada to experience LTE. On top of this, Rogers is starting to take reservations for the first LTE enabled device, Sierra Rocket Stick through the Rogers Reservation System which can be accessed through MyRogers. This system allows you to secure a place “in line” for the device without having to visit a store or call first.

How do you feel about LTE? Do you really need faster speeds on your BlackBerry or laptop? 3G is a really decent connection to get business done, unless you’re streaming HD video. If you’re on the go, you’re probably roaming, in which case you don’t want to be streaming large movie files anyways. There are probably a handful of people who will benefit tremendously from LTE, but it doesn’t seem like the average consumer really needs it.

You can read more about this announcement on the Rogers RedBoard or sign up at IwantmyLTE.ca to be notified when LTE is coming to your area.

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Kik Messenger CEO Donates $1M to Mobile Startup Incubator for Students


ted livingston

It’s hard enough to secure funding for your business, let alone secure funding as a student. VCs and investors are generally looking for someone with not only a great idea, but someone who also has experience in the industry. This doesn’t bode well for aspiring young entrepreneurs. To combat this, Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik, has donated $1M to the University of Waterlook VeloCity Residence, a residence-based startups incubator.

The University of Waterloo will establish a $1M seed fund for student startups and intends to provide “at least 30 student ventures” with $25,000 as well as four months of office space, incorporation services and mentoring over the next few years.
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Ontario Premier Visits Polar Mobile Offices and Gets a Loaded Torch


YouTube link

With around 200 mobile app development companies based in and around Toronto, Polar Mobile is in the heart of a booming industry. The Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty, met with Polar Mobile and their CEO Kunal Gupta, to highlight the importance of creating jobs for the future. Whether or not you think the Premier is doing a good job, it was still funny to see Polar Mobile give him a BlackBerry Torch loaded with apps the company has developed such as The Hockey News, Maclean’s, NHLPA, TIME magazine, World Politics Review, GQ India and Shanghai Daily.

More details available from the press release.

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BlackBerry-Based WIC Pager Pilot Program at Children’s Hospital


Currently, many hospitals use an outdated pager system to get in touch with doctors on call. This solution does not allow admins to know whether the message was received and relies on a code system that doesn’t provide much detail as to the nature of the page. Wallace Wireless have a BlackBerry-based solution that brings pager like services to BlackBerry users. The system is in the process of being piloted at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), and if it’s successful could set a new standard for healthcare professionals.
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Ontario BlackBerry users no longer allowed to email while driving


Yesterday, Ontario, Canada passed legislation that stipulates drivers can no longer use their handsets to call, email, SMS or chat. The penalties are around $500 per infraction beginning early next year.

There are a lot of BlackBerry users out there that like to send email and SMS while driving, so what should they do? There are several companies that manufacture hands-free devices, but are these the alternative we should be looking for? There is very little evidence to suggest that these products are actually making drivers safer.

Driving while having a conversation will ultimately distract putting yourself and others in danger. While the hands-free accessory can help keep your eyes on the road, it doesn’t address the issue of reaction times. Reaction times will always be diminished when someone is having a conversation.

If you’re a driver who is looking for a hands-free accessory, you could choose the BlueAnt Q1, the BlackBerry VM605 or a software solution like Vlingo.

Or, you could just wait until you get to where you’re going.

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Jim Balsillie and ROI on Hamilton Ontario government spending


RIM CEO Jim Balsillie

There has been some discussion on Canadian conservative talk shows about the fact that Jim Balsillie’s deal requires an investment on the part of the Hamilton government to update the Copps Coliseum.

The deal would involve an investment of $150 million dollars on the part of the Hamilton government to bring the Copps Coliseum up to NHL standars.

Although this may seem like a significant investment of tax payers dollars, it will have significant returns. The City of Hamilton knows this, which is why they have committed to helping Mr. Balsillie with the move. For those tax payers in Hamilton who aren’t convinced, the ROI potential is an easy sell.

The City of Hamilton will have 300 days or so to use the improved facilities as they see fit. An NHL team only plays around 41 home games, which means that minus a couple weeks for renovations, the facility can accommodate a wide range of revenue generating events for most of the year. Events such as big ticket concerts, indoor sports and trade shows are all much easier to accommodate, and will generate business for the government as well as local businesses. Jim is even investing millions of his own dollars to help with the facility upgrade.

With the full support of Hamilton, Canada and the BlackBerry community, we can help Jim Make It Seven.