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ooVoo Launches BlackBerry 10 App Despite BlackBerry Being a “Niche Market”


Well this is funny. A few weeks ago at CES, the CBC was at CES 2013 and interviewed the President of ooVoo with this statement:

BlackBerry and Windows apps? For CES exhibitors, they’re an afterthought at best.

“We’re in talks to integrate with [BlackBerry Messenger] and we’re working on a Windows version,” says Jay
Samit, president of ooVoo, a video chat service. “But they’re such a niche market.”

Then, exactly 3 weeks later, ooVoo announces a BlackBerry 10 app and support that seems to go way beyond just BBM integration. Also, if they’re such a niche market, why are you now so excited? Either the CBC misinterpreted the President, or RIM’s dev relations team are amazing at changing companies’ minds about the platform. Either way, it’s a win for upcoming BlackBerry 10 users. Keep reading for the press release.
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