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RIM Gives Anonymous Response to Anonymous Open Letter



Today, an anonymous open letter from a supposed “high level exec” was published and it drew enough attention for RIM to respond to said open letter with its own anonymous response. Written by simply “Research In Motion” on the official BlackBerry blog, the post responds by pointing out that RIM is ending a transition period and is addressing the issues brought up in the letter. To recap, here are the issues brought up:

1) Focus on the End User experience
2) Recruit Senior SW Leaders & enable decision-making
3) Cut projects to the bone.
4) Developers, not Carriers can now make or break us
5) Need for serious marketing punch to create end user desire
6) No Accountability – Canadians are too nice
7) The press and analysts are pissing you off. Don’t snap. Now is the time for humility with a dash of paranoia.
8) Democratise. Engage and interact with your employees — please!

Generally, the points are really solid but maybe it wasn’t a good idea for the source to put the article on something like BGR and not internally where these issues can be addressed behind closed doors. On the other hand, maybe it takes hitting the media for RIM to actually recognize these issues need to be fixed yesterday and “we’re working on it” isn’t really good enough. Take the open letter from Jamie Murai as an example of things that developers have been complaining about for a while, but nothing has happened until it was published across the web for all to see. Sometimes you need to be humiliated into making things better and perhaps this letter may just do the trick. View the full letter at this link and head over to Inside BlackBerry for the response.

-Written by anonymous “BlackBerry Cool”

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