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AstraSync 4.2 Public Beta Live with New BlackBerry Monitor Integration



AstraSync is a BlackBerry sync app that provides 2-way OTA sync of email, calendar and contact data with Exchange ActiveSync compatible servers including Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail & Windows Live, MailSite Fusion, Exchange Online, BPOS, CommuniGate Pro, Zimbra, Scalix, FirstClass, Open-Xchange, Kerio MailServer, SmarterMail, Axigen, Google Sync and Gmail. With AstraSync 4.2 public beta, the service now supports alert profile integration through Monitor for BlackBerry, meeting request creation, email content encryption, kinetic scrolling and more performance settings for power users.
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Open-Xchange Server 5 gets BlackBerry client


SyncJeNexthaus has just announced SyncJe for BlackBerry, letting your handhelds sync up to Open-Xchange Server 5. Open-Xchange is an open source, web-based office client optimized for Linux, and works just dandy with Outlook. SyncJe aims to extend all of its handy office functions like calendars, contacts, e-mail, tasks and document sharing to your handheld. If you’re already set up with an Open-Xchange server, a 15-day trial of SyncJe for BlackBerry is available for download over the air at www.nexthaus.com/bb/syncjebb.jad. The full retail runs for a scant $39.95.