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Opera Mini 5 launches with speed dial bookmarks and tabs


Opera Software have just announced the release of Opera Mini 5 beta, the latest release to the popular third party BlackBerry browser.

The fifth generation of Opera Mini introduces a new look and feel as well as Speed Dial bookmarks and tabs. The tabbed browsing feature is by far one of the best additions to this product. This has been a sought after feature by the BlackBerry community for some time now, and it’s great to be able to finally get it.

To download the latest version of Opera Mini, visit m.opera.com/next from your BlackBerry browser.

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Review Opera Mini and win an all-inclusive trip to Norway!


Win a 7-day all-inclusive trip to Scandinavia this summer!

A common criticism of BlackBerry devices is that the web browsing experience needs to be closer to that of the desktop browser. Opera Mini has been filling that need with a truer desktop experience.

From the beginning, Opera have been helped by communities such as BlackBerry Cool spreading the word about the browser and sending in valuable feedback. Because of their involvement, Opera Mini has become one of the most downloaded applications for BlackBerry.

Now, the company wants to give back to the community. This summer, one lucky reader from the BlackBerry Cool community will get to visit Oslo, Norway and visit the Opera headquarters. He or she will be accompanied by a correspondent from BlackBerry Cool, who will be writing about the experience. You’ll even get to visit Linkoping, Sweden where Opera Mini is made.
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Americans and BlackBerry devices dominate mobile web browsing



Opera has a regular research paper called State of the Mobile Web, and today they’ve published the most recent update. In addition to the top global trends and country snapshots, the report highlights trends in Africa and aggregate operator data for the top 10 countries.

The two biggest findings in this report show that Americans consume the most data intensive web pages, with BlackBerry devices being the choice platform for power users.

Global trends for Opera found in the report include:

  • In April 2009, Opera Mini had over 23.4 million users, up more than 140% compared to April 2008.
  • Opera Mini users viewed nearly 8.7 billion pages in April 2009. Since April 2008, page views have increased 249%.
  • Last month, Opera Mini users generated more than 151 million MB of data for operators worldwide. Data in Opera Mini is compressed up to 90%. If this data were uncompressed, Opera Mini users would have viewed up to 1.4 PB of data in April. Over the previous year, data traffic is up 295%.
  • Opera Mini usage in Nigeria continues to surge, pushing past Poland and taking the #9 spot.

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Opera Mini 4.2 beta for BlackBerry now available


Opera has released a new version of their popular (read: free!) web browser for BlackBerry. Opera Mini 4.2 features new skins, performance tweaks, increased video capability and notes syncing. Here’s what the folks at Opera had to say about the increase in performance:

Opera Mini 4.2 can use our newly established server park in the US. This means significantly faster page downloads for our users in the Americas and Asia-Pacific region. Users in the rest of the world will also experience faster page downloads since we’ve reduced the load on our other servers.

Head to mini.opera.com/beta with your BlackBerry browser for an OTA install of Opera Mini 4.2 or Opera’s website for a desktop download.

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“Does RIM meet your software expectations?” (Weekly Contest)


Jealous BlackBerry

Opera’s monthly report for June took a look at the popular handsets that folks are using with their mobile browser all around the world and BlackBerry got all kinds of gold stars – being one of the top most popular handsets to feature Opera. Commenter mikedoan said:

…Do the results that you speak of really point to the BB’s popularity as a handset or is it just another indication/reinforcement of the fact that most BB user’s receive a substandard browsing experience (using the native BB Browser).

That leaves us to wonder about all the other stuff that has been left out of the BlackBerry experience, like, say, HTML e-mail viewing and how much of an opportunity stuff like that presents for BlackBerry developers. Are third-party developers just being clever in finding the gaps they can fill, or is RIM just doing a poor job of loading up BlackBerrys with all the functionality they have? What are your baseline expectations for a smartphone, and is RIM meeting them? How much does RIM depend on developers to pick up where they left off? Give us your take on what the BlackBerry has to offer and where software developers fit and win five device skins from Decalgirl and six months of service from SugarSync.

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BlackBerry popular handset for Opera users


Opera logo

Opera’s monthly report for June has taken a look at the popular handsets that folks are using with their mobile browser, and what sites they’re going to. After running down country-by-country top 10 lists, it was pretty interesting to see the stark differences between the Chinese (dominated by Nokia) and the American (which was almost all BlackBerry). The UK also has almost half of their list occupied by BlackBerry, with the 8310 nabbing top spot. Speaking of which, the BlackBerry 8310 holds 5th. place worldwide in the popularity contest among Opera users. This State of the Mobile Web report is a pretty cool idea on Opera’s part, especially if you’ve developed a taste for this kind of thing with Google Trends. If you’re sick of the BlackBerry’s browser, you can get Opera Mini by visiting http://mini.opera.com/ on your mobile.

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