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App World 2.0 Press Event Takeaways: Consumer Focus is Paramount


The App World 2.0 press event was special for BlackBerry but it also reinforced how App World was still behind relative to the competition. The most important upgrades offered were long overdue such as credit card account-based billing. The BlackBerry ID account system will make it easier than ever to buy content, and it seemed to hint at greater media channel opportunities down the line to every BlackBerry user on the planet.

What pleased me about the App World 2.0 demonstration was the fluidity and finesse of the navigation. The BlackBerry Messenger-like layout translates into a simple amount of menu options and easy browsing of long lists in the way that BlackBerry pioneered: scrolling down. The new storefront is quickly populated by apps and info by way of improved cashing of App World data. Category switching from side to side makes a lot of sense and I can’t wait until they introduce more categories like gaming.
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Should RIM Be Developing First Party Applications?


Currently, RIM has developed a few “Add-on” applications such as Facebook and Myspace, with others currently in the works. RIM also have a huge internal application vault of unreleased apps they think might be core to the BlackBerry experience, and we may see these launched as well. The question I’d like to address in this editorial is “Should RIM Be Developing First Party Applications?” There are a few things to consider when answering this question such as:

  • Essential vs non-essential applications.
  • Can RIM do it better?
  • The developer ecosystem.

Essential vs non-essential

The argument that RIM should develop applications that are integral to the BlackBerry experience is sound. For example, BlackBerry Messenger is probably best left in the hands of RIM, as the app needs to be continually updated over a life span of many years and should be insulated from the market against the need to monetize.
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