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Desktop Manager 4.7 now available (BlackBerry Bytes)


We told you all the way back in July that you wouldn’t see the BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7 until the BlackBerry Storm was ready to be released, but with a UK launch last Friday and the same happening in the US this Friday, that time is now. We don’t yet know what new features or upgrades away DM 4.7, but we’re downloading now and will post if we find anything of note. If you can’t wait, hit the link below to give it a try yourself.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7


BlackBerry 4.7 JDE now available! (updated)


os 4-7 jde

UPDATE: In my rush to get this up last night, I forgot to tell you that RIM has started releasing device simulators separate from the JDE again. You can find the OS 4.7 and 7.6 device simulators at the link below:

OS 4.7 and 4.6 device simulator

Our good friend SingStar just tipped us off to the fact that the BlackBerry OS 4.7 JDE and simulator are now available! Hit the link below!

BlackBerry OS 4.7 JDE

My Man SingStar wanted me to point out that the 4.7 JDE features a really slick accelerometer API, so I’m hoping to see some BlackBerry software that rivals anything the iPhone 3G has done!


BlackBerry Javelin to feature OS 4.7, fix Javascript issues


BlackBerry Javelin 8900

I know that many of you in the BlackBerry Nation have just gotten your hands on OS 4.5, and unless you’re packing a BlackBerry Bold (like us), haven’t even seen OS 4.6 yet. But the time has come to start talking about OS 4.7, which we’ve heard will make its debut with the BlackBerry Javelin, otherwise known as the BlackBerry 8900.

While we haven’t heard much about the incremental updates OS 4.7 will feature over the current BlackBerry Bold OS, we do know that it will feature an update to the BlackBerry Browser which should fix the Javascript issues which currently plague the BlackBerry Bold. This news falls in line with earlier reports that with the 4.6 version of the BlackBerry Browser, RIM had focused on stability over speed, and would be looking to optimize performance in future versions.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground in the hopes of telling you more about OS 4.7. For now, check out all known BlackBerry Javelin specs and a list of related articles after the jump.

Click here to view BlackBerry Javelin specifications

More BlackBerry Thunder pictures emerge


BlackBerry Thunder media player

We’ve got some more shiny pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder in action. Here you can check out how the media player will look while playing music, complete with title, artist and album art. There’s also a better look at the camera functions in both landscape and portrait modes. Flash, zoom, cropping, video and e-mail functions are all built into the main interface and a glimpse at what we can expect from OS 4.7. There are still plenty of pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder’s media player and virtual keypad out there, if you’re looking for more pics to slobber over.

(via BlackBerrySync)

BlackBerry Thunder pictures of the camera UI behind the jump…

BlackBerry Thunder touchscreen input pictures emerge


BlackBerry Thunder Touchscreen Picture

Proving that bloggers aren’t willing to take the weekend off, CrackBerry has produced two new screenshots of the BlackBerry Thunder (or possibly the BlackBerry Storm). If the images tell us one thing, it’s that RIM is dedicating a lot of the Thunder’s screen real estate for text input, likely in an effort to assuage fears of the ‘keypad or nothing’ crowd. Here’s a recap of what’s known about the BlackBerry Thunder’s touchscreen:

Haptic Response – Featuring haptic feedback, the Thunder’s screen pushes in and creates an audible clickety sound and vibration upon input.

Full QWERTY and SureType Entry – As the images show, full QWERTY in landscape mode and SureType entry in portrait mode. Screen/keyboard orientation can be changed at any time.

Multi-touch Glass Screen – Similar to the iPhone, the BlackBerry Thunder will utilize WebKit for it’s browser engine and a glass screen.

OS 4.7 – A little one-upmanship to the BlackBerry Bold’s OS 4.6, likely for the inclusion of touchscreen support.

(via CrackBerry)

Click here for another BlackBerry Thunder touchscreen picture!

BlackBerry Thunder media player shots surface


BlackBerry Thunder

We might have caught a glimpse at the BlackBerry Thunder, but we’ve got a bit more eye candy, and is it looking slick, or what? The shots look like they came from a document detailing some of the OS 4.7 multimedia functions of the unreleased touchscreen BlackBerry due out sometime before Christmas for CDMA carriers. The BlackBerry Thunder will apparently be packing a glass 360 x 480 screen, which seems like more than enough for full videos. The media player will also feature carrier music stores, which would be a great way to grab tunes wirelessly to your device. When recording video, you’ll be able to preview the whole thing in landscape mode, too. Not too shabby at all.

The touchscreen has been a point of contention, both among handheld users as well as RIM’s execs, but one way or the other, there’s a market for touch devices, and with the BlackBerry Thunder, RIM is clearly on board. Between the flip BlackBerry Kickstart, the Curve-style BlackBerry Javelin, the upcoming Bold, and now the BlackBerry Thunder, it’s clear that there’s a wide array of tastes BlackBerrys can reach out to. So, who’s salivating?

(via BlackBerrySync)

A second BlackBerry Thunder pic after the jump!