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Official OS 5 Arrives for the BlackBerry Curve 8330



After a Boost Mobile user posted a pic of their Curve 8330 with OS, it seemed only a matter of time until the download became available. Well now you can head over to the Boost Mobile page and grab OS for yourself! Just remember to delete the vendor.xml file. Also, if you’re a Tour owner, feel free to use the comment thread to vent. Also, I’m not sure if this is compatible with the 8330m, so let us know if you’ve tried.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8330 from Boost.

Boost Mobile Shipping the BlackBerry Curve 8330 with OS 5?



Got a tip that Boost is shipping their 8330 with OS which is strange because Sprint is not. It could be that the CB forums member who posted it, has a leaked version on their desktop which was installed, or a hoax altogether. If Boost is in fact shipping the 8330 with OS 5, that would mean an official OS launch is just around the corner.