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Stitcher Now Available for the BlackBerry Storm2 9550 and 9520


Stitcher is a free media/podcast player that is now available for the BlackBerry Storm2 9550 and the 9520. The app provides a large selection of on-demand content and is a decent media player for anyone into podcasts. Previously, the app was only available on the Curve 8300, 8310, 8320, 8900 and Bold 9000. When we last wrote about Stitcher, they mentioned their upcoming version 1.2, which is still set to launch early July. The update includes improved handling of longer shows, full seek functionality and support for Bluetooth streaming.

Grab Stitcher from stitcher.com/dl or BlackBerry App World.

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AddOnis Updated and Now Available for OS 5 Devices


AddOnis is now compatible with OS 5.0 touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices. Along with the compatibility announcement, Twinkler Software are letting users know that a new version of AddOnis is available specifically for OS 5 users. The latest version of AddOnis for OS 5 supports the new combination Standby/Lock function found in the latest versions OS 5.
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Leaked OS Available for the BlackBerry Tour 9630


BBleaks have found OS for the Tour 9630 which is an awesome leap forward. I haven’t tried it out yet for myself, but I’d be interested to see if there are any significant performance improvements.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630.

How to upgrade your BlackBerry OS Software.

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BlackBerry OS 5 Adoption Rates Slower Than Expected



Despite OS 5.0 being released over 3 months ago, 26.6% of 9530 users are still using OS 4.7. While OS 5.0 use has increased over time, the 73.4% that use it now are not that much more than the 61% that used it the first month after release. Most users either upgraded right away, but those that didn’t are unlikely to upgrade at all. Given the many improvements in OS 5.0 everyone should switch, but a surprisingly large number have not.

This data comes from the users who have download the popular free Pixelated game from BlackBerry App World in the given month. Pixelated does not report back at all, so statistics are taken via App World at the time of download. Statistics are from the 9530 model only in order to create some consistency across the data, especially given that almost all 9530 users are on the same network (Verizon). Pixelated had already been available for the Storm for a few months before November so these numbers are not skewed towards early adapters, but neither are the numbers skewed towards those that have little use for their phones, as this population has still gone and downloaded a third party application. Data from the beginning of the month and the end of the month were treated the same.

The above graphs were made from the data I collected, with the most relevant being the recent month of January.

- Ebscer

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BlackBerry OS Caught on Camera



BBnews.pl have a screenshot of OS and while the screenshot isn’t big news, it could be a sign that the OS is soon to arrive. It’s possible that this OS will arrive with the next generation of devices that we’ll see in Q2, Q3, which we’ve heard will be the start of Widget support. Considering RIM have already started working on OS 6, one can only hope they push this out soon.

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Gym Technik’s NextGen App Now OS 5 Compatible



Gym Technik let us know that their fitness app for BlackBerry, NextGen, has been updated. The app is now compatible with OS 5 devices including the Storm2. Gym Technik’s NetGen app helps you track your workout routines and optimize them. The app breaks down your workouts with graphs and analytics and gives you a better picture of what you’re doing.

Check out the NextGen app which is now OS 5 compatible.

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