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Do You Still Want To Read About Legacy BlackBerry News?


Just recently, we got a note from BlackBerry that Facebook v4.1 had just been released for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5 to 7.1. All I could think about when reading it was “SO?!”. As someone who writes about BlackBerry on a daily basis, it’s very difficult to care about legacy devices. Sure, there’s still 80 million or so legacy users worldwide, and I’m sure they’re looking for info as well, but I don’t see this website being the source for that. It’s way more fun to talk about where BlackBerry is going and the new products coming to the platform. It’s soul-wrenching to discuss an outdated platform that clearly has an end of life coming up.

Readers – are you still interested in reading about legacy BlackBerrys? Personally, I think onwards and upwards without looking back is the way to go.

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Rogers Dealer Wireless Express Discontinues BlackBerry 9810


We’re not sure what to really make of this but the BlackBerry 9810 has been discontinued by Wireless Express, one of the largest distributors of Rogers wireless devices in Canada. The 9810 is the upgrade to the Torch and runs OS 7, making it a relatively new device and an odd choice of device to discontinue.
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Show Me the Images Email Enhancement App Updated for OS 7.1


One of the more frustrating elements of email on BlackBerry is the that images don’t render very well on the device. The decision behind not rendering images is probably tied to BlackBerrys network efficiency but it doesn’t make for a great end-user experience. That’s where Show Me the Images comes in. The app lets you automatically download images in your emails without you needing to hit that “Get Images” menu item. You can disable it, download based on a safe list of email addresses (default) or download no matter who the contact is. Recently, the app has been updated with bug fixes and OS 7.1 support.
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Google Plus Would Benefit From More BlackBerry Support


This has surely happened to you: you’ve tried to “Plus1″ an article for Google Plus but your BlackBerry is not supported. Currently, a Bold 9900 OS 7.1 device gets an error message if you try and +1 an article or website. For a company the size of Google, with its engineer-heavy staff, support for OS 7 should be trivial.
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Cosmos Theme From Magmic Free For a Limited Time


For a limited time, Magmic’s Cosmos theme is free on BlackBerry App World. The price can roll back at any time, so check it out soon. Cosmos also has OS7 support for those of you who picked up new devices over the holidays.
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The PlayBook Proves That Games Have a Bright Future on BlackBerry


If you’re interested in speculating about the future of RIM and the BlackBerry Platform, you simply need to look at the PlayBook. Applications written now for the PlayBook will run on BlackBerry 10 smartphones and developers that port their games are future-proofing the app’s life on the BlackBerry Platform.

Something that has been making us feel positive about the future of BlackBerry is all the games we’ve seen that previously avoided the platform and are now on the PlayBook.
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