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BlackBerry Curve 8530 OS Update from Sprint


Hat tip to my pal, Bobby Freeman, for pointing to the OS update for the Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530. You’ll get a nice little bump up to Sure, it’s not OS 6, but each incremental step is a bit better than before, isn’t it? Catch the upgrade at BlackBerry’s site.

Remember to upgrade your AT&T BlackBerry Bold OS today


If you haven’t already updated your BlackBerry Bold to OS, you’re missing out! With the latest OS update, you get a number of enhancements including:

  • General handset optimizations.
  • The ability for the user to manually select whether they want their smartphone to connect to either 2G and 3G networks, depending on availability, or to connect to only to 2G networks.
  • A download icon for AT&T’s Visual Voicemail service, plus a variety of additional icons for applications including MobiTV, Mobile Banking, Tetris and Scrabble.

To update your Bold OS, go to Options > Advanced Options > Wireless Update or visit the official AT&T download page and update your OS with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.


Official BlackBerry OS updates for Pearl, Curve 8900 and Bold


BBRocks posted a few official OS updates that we’re all happy to download. Doesn’t it feel good to download an official OS? You know your BlackBerry won’t explode and instead you get to experience an upgrade sans-hassle.

Download the AT&T OS for the BlackBerry Pearl 8110.

Download the Rogers OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900.

Download the CSL Limited OS for the Bold 9000.


BlackBerry Curve 8310 OS officially released



How have you been liking your BlackBerry Curve 8310? It must be hard living without 3G or WiFi but at least you’re working with a sweet keyboard. You can’t go wrong with the classic 83xx QWERTY.

Upgrade your BlackBerry Curve 8310 with an official OS update to version which is now available from 02 UK.

Worried about updating? It’s so easy. You can read a How To or just follow these simple steps:

  • Download the OS file.
  • Run the file.
  • Connect your BlackBerry.
  • Run Desktop Manager.
  • Search for updates and install.

Download OS for your BlackBerry Curve 8310 from O2 UK.