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AT&T releases OS for a bunch of BlackBerrys


Nan is happy!Good news for AT&T subscribers who want some of the new functionality found in the BlackBerry Bold without having to cough up the dough. AT&T has finally released OS for the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 and 8120, the BlackBerry Curve 8320 and the BlackBerry 8820.

We’ve included the download link below (make sure you select the right BlackBerry!), as well as a link to our handy OS Upgrade How-To, so you know what to do when the download is complete. Enjoy!

AT&T BlackBerry OS Download Link
How to Upgrade your BlackBerry OS


Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS update now available!


While most Verizon Storm users are wondering why they would receive a text message telling them to upgrade to an OS that isn’t available yet, Vodafone Germany did the smart thing and just posted OS on their website! You can click the link below to download and get updating – OS should give Storm 9500 users quite a boost in stability.

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS update

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OS now available for Rogers BlackBerry Bold (BlackBerry Bytes)


BlackBerry LogoGood news for Rogers BlackBerry Bold users who have had a myriad of issues with RIM’s new flagship device (I’m looking in your direction, Kevin). Rogers has officially released an OS update for the BlackBerry Bold which reportedly improves device stability, battery life, web browsing,dropped calls, and memory management. You can find the download link to OS below, and make sure to check out our OS upgrade how to as well.

Rogers Bold OS Upgrade

How To Upgrade your BlackBerry OS


OS 4.5 now available for Bell BlackBerry 8330 (BlackBerry Bytes)


BlackBerry LogoIt looks as though Canada is finally getting some OS 4.5 love this week. Shortly after posting about Rogers making OS 4.5 available for the BlackBerry Curve 8310/8320, Power User Nan Palmero ping’d me to let me know that Bell now has OS available as well for the BlackBerry 8330. This is great news for CDMA BlackBerry Curve users who had previously been stuck in OS 4.3 limbo. We’re checking in on availability for other CDMA BlackBerrys, but for now hit the link below to download OS 4.5:

UPDATE: While OS 4.5 is available for the BlackBerry Pearl, there is no release yet for the BlackBerry 8830 WorldPhone. Sorry!

Rogers OS 4.5 for BlackBerry 8330


OS 4.5 now available for Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8310/8320 (BlackBerry Bytes)


BlackBerry logoWe were probably a little hasty a few weeks ago in promoting the launch of RIM’s new BlackBerry Upgrades website… probably because OS 4.5 still wasn’t available for most people. However, it’s just come to our attention that OS 4.5 download links for the BlackBerry Curve 8310 and 8320 are now available. Click the link below to download and spread the word!

Rogers OS 4.5 BlackBerry 8310/8320

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OS 4.5 now officially available via BlackBerry.com/Upgrades (UPDATE)


BlackBerry OS 4.5 Upgrade Screen

UPDATE 2: This updating method will only work for non-BES BlackBerry users. Any BIS users out there, please post a comment and let us know if the update works, and which device you are using!

UPDATE: Looks like BlackBerry 8330 users are still out of luck. Sorry guys! (Thanks, Nan)

Oh sweet glorious day! There have been a variety of BlackBerry Nation members who have been suffering through news about new BlackBerrys and OS 5.0 features, when all they want is OS 4.5 to be released by their carrier. Wait no more: http://www.BlackBerry.com/Upgrades is now live, allowing you to upgrade your OS directly from RIM.

You’ll need to use Internet Explorer and click “UPGRADE NOW” to download the 25MB ActiveX control which is essentially a watered down version of Desktop Manager. At the end of the process you can enter in your email address to be notified of any future OS upgrades.

Note: If you had already installed another carrier’s version of OS 4.5, you’re going to have to downgrade to a lower OS version before installing the proper one (thanks Al).

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