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BlackBerry Master Control Program released



BlackBerry Master Control is an app that sits on your PC and allows you to take screenshots, set the device time, turn the radio/on off, recover memory, gather information, view/clear event logs, display modules, gather module information, create ALX/JAD files, backup and restore third party applications, (Advanced) handheld wipe (all 3 types), factory reset, load, save and erase modules. The application also lets you keep multiple OSs on your PC, whereas RIM says you need to delete them before installing a new one.

The latest version includes changes such as:

  • MCP now supports Java Loader 5.0.0 Beta 5 (JDE).
  • Stand alone EXE now downloads the correct Java Loader EXE (5.0 Beta 5)
  • Stand alone EXE now downloads the correct images
  • Note: Existing users: close MCP, delete the images and icons folders, run mcp.exe again
  • Updated MCP Help
  • Added MCP FAX
  • To download the latest MCP, visit their download page. RIM BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 or higher is required.

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    Remember to upgrade your AT&T BlackBerry Bold OS today



    If you haven’t already updated your BlackBerry Bold to OS, you’re missing out! With the latest OS update, you get a number of enhancements including:

    • General handset optimizations.
    • The ability for the user to manually select whether they want their smartphone to connect to either 2G and 3G networks, depending on availability, or to connect to only to 2G networks.
    • A download icon for AT&T’s Visual Voicemail service, plus a variety of additional icons for applications including MobiTV, Mobile Banking, Tetris and Scrabble.

    To update your Bold OS, go to Options > Advanced Options > Wireless Update or visit the official AT&T download page and update your OS with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.



    BlackBerry Bold OS from AT&T to get Visual Voicemail



    Rumor has it that the upgraded BlackBerry Bold OS for AT&T subscribers will come with Visual Voicemail tomorrow, Tuesday, August 25th.

    Check your AT&T Bold to see if your OS has the Visual Voicemail icon, and if so, give customer service a call and have them add the free Visual Voicemail feature to your account.

    With Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry, you will get:

    • Store up to 40 voicemails for up to 14 days
    • Archive voicemails to device memory or on a microSD card
    • Forward voicemails as an MMS to other users or an email address
    • Save phone numbers in your Visual Voicemail inbox to your address book
    • Setup your voicemail including greeting right from the application itself

    Voicemail is the bane of many BlackBerry users’ existence as it is the slowest possible way to check a message. With email and SMS, you have to wonder why people still insist on leaving voicemails. At least visual voicemail makes the process a little faster.



    BlackBerry OS leaks: Storm OS, Bold and 8900 OS



    This week is off to a great start with some OS leaks for your BlackBerry. The move coveted of the 2 leaks is for Bold and Curve 8900 users: OS Don’t get too excited though, like all the OS 5.0 leaks we’ve seen, the build does not come with the latest BlackBerry Messenger, and it will make App World buggy.

    BlackBerry Storm 9500 users will appreciate the OS update as it helps make the Storm experience a little smoother. While the Storm started off on a bad foot, RIM has done a great job of releasing OS updates to improve the experience. So if you’re frustrated with your device, at the very least you should be getting official updates the moment they’re available.

    Personally, I don’t recommend downloading these OS leaks, but I’m posting for the die-hards who absolutely must try them out. Make sure to back everything up!

    Download OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9500.
    Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold
    Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900


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    BlackBerry OS 5.0 screenshots and impressions (read German?)



    A German BlackBerry site posted some screenshots of OS and the features available with the new OS.

    When it comes to the loading process, it’s great to have the status bar in OS 5.0. Before, you would have to stare at the “white screen of death” for what seemed like half and hour before you device turned on. While I don’t believe OS 5.0 loads any faster, you can still check when the device will be finished loading.

    One feature you will notice that is significantly faster, is the key locking system. Locking and unlocking the keys is much faster.

    The new messenger client is going to be the focal point of the latest OS
    . With avatar support, and a wide range of messenger features, RIM is going to change the way BlackBerry users communicate. I’m also looking forward to the use of barcodes in order to exchange info. It brings us another step closer to countries such as Japan, where QR codes make contact information fast and efficient.
    Click through for more screenshots

    Facebook BlackBerry theme for the BlackBerry Curve OS 4.5



    This Facebook theme is for the social networking and web 2.0 fans out there. Facebook is an awesome app for BlackBerry, mainly because it’s developed by RIM. Being developed by RIM, the app can use API’s that aren’t available to third party app developers. I’m expecting big things from future Facebook versions. This theme is a tribute to the great social network and useful BlackBerry app.

    Currently, the theme is only available for the BlackBerry Curve sporting OS 4.5. Other versions are coming soon.

    Buy the Facebook theme for the Blackberry Curve 4.5 OS only for $5.00.


    [Courtesy of BBThemeCentral]
    Click through for a shot of the homescreen