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Ottawa Companies and Gamers: Register for Ottawa’s Got Game and Play for Charity



Companies and gamers in the Ottawa and surrounding regions should really check out an amazing event coming up called Ottawa’s Got Game. The event is a full day of game tournaments and casual play with prizes. Proceeds of the event are going to the charity Child’s Play which is a really great charity that puts video games in hospitals and children’s wards to provide some fun in an otherwise depressing environment.

So check out Ottawa’s Got Game and register your company or go as an individual. There’s also a huge Star Wars exhibit going on at the same time so there are plenty of reasons to attend.

Go to this Eventbrite link and register. Individual passes are only $10.

BlackBerry, Microsoft, Google and More at the Ottawa International Game Conference #OIGC2013


OIGC 2013

The Ottawa International Game Conference is coming and it’s a great opportunity to meet some of the world’s most innovative tech and gaming companies including BlackBerry, Microsoft and Google. The conference features 2 days worth of speakers, a full day for developers, a game design day and a Gamification Summit. Not to mention there are some amazing parties with lots of great people to meet.

If you’re interested in going to the conference and you’d like a discount, we have discount codes available for 25% off the ticket price. Simply write to kyle at blackberrycool dot com for a discount.

For more information, head over to OGC2013.com.

Smarter Apps Announces 10 Million BlackBerry Users and Makes Angry Farm Game Free


Smarter Apps is a mobile game development studio in Ottawa, Canada. The company was founded by some ex-RIM employees and has grown pretty tremendously since its founding. Recently, Smarter Apps celebrated over 10 million unique BlackBerry users on its platform and its total user base is probably much larger. The company also has games for Android and iOS, so it’s probably going to announce 20 million in the not-so-distant future. To celebrate, Smarter Apps is making its most successful BlackBerry game, Angry Farm, free for everyone.
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Techu.me Program Seeks to Create Young App Developers and Future Engineers


According to the Canadian Government, enrollment in mathematics, computer and information sciences accounted for 3.0% of total university enrolment in 2008/2009, the lowest proportion since 1992/1993. In response to this and some pressure from local Universities, TechU.me was created to inspire youth using app development.

Apps is a great place to start kids on the path to a technical future, as the devices are ubiquitous and the applications are largely practical. Gone are the days when computers were thought of as inaccessible, giant, computation machines. Now, everyone has a computer in their pocket and they’re often thinking “I wish I had an app to help me do (blank).”
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Smarter Apps Discounts Vampires vs Hunter Game For a Limited Time Only


Smarter Apps is a great BlackBerry game development shop that has made some of the platform’s biggest selling titles. The company’s strategy is pretty clear: find what’s popular on other platforms and bring it to BlackBerry. One of the company’s most recent titles is Vampires vs Hunter which is essentially Plants vs Zombies (a title that’s available for the PlayBook but not smartphones). Currently, the game is on sale for around 60% off the regular price and available for $1.99. So go buy it!
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Register Today for the Ottawa Game Conference and Get 20% Off


The Ottawa Game Conference is a great event for those in the Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa regions who are in the gaming industry. There’s a lot of content around mobile gaming, and RIM’s Patrick Mollins will be doing a talk called “Back Seat Gaming” on the conference’s biz track. The conference organizers are giving BlackBerryCool readers 20% off the ticket price so if you’re in the area, stop by and learn a thing or two.
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