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BlackBerry Outage Gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment


The Taiwanese animation studio NMA does a good job of making outrageously-exaggerated videos of relatively minor incidents in Western media and the recent BlackBerry outage is no exception. At one point, the video suggests that Google might have had something to do with the outage, just in case you had any doubt these videos were nothing but jokes. Video after the break.
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RIM Co-CEOs, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, Talk About Outage


Today at 10AM EST, RIM’s Co-CEOs, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, as well as David Yach, the CTO of RIM, were on a call to talk about the recent BlackBerry outage and what happened. It’s important to note that RIM has had great track record with uptime and while this particular outage has been much more serious than any other we can remember, the real problem was the timing. After all the punishment RIM has taken in the media, this outage couldn’t have come at a worse time. More about the conference call after the jump.
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Another Poorly Timed BlackBerry Outage: Are You Experiencing Issues?


The last time we talked about a BlackBerry outage was just after the last earnings call when the share price began to dip again. This most recent outage has been very widespread and has been going on for around 3 days now. This outage also comes at a bad time with the recent announcement of the iPhone 4S.
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Share Price and BBM Down: Bad Timing To Say the Least


You may have noticed BBM down today as the service has been acting up for various regions and carriers. We have reports from both Toronto and Waterloo that BBM isn’t working. Have you experienced any problems? Let us know. More details after the break.
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BlackBerry Internet Service Possibly Blocked in Egypt



The Egyptian government has been scrambling to try and shut down communication channels in an attempt to silence protesters and prevent them organizing. After blocking Twitter and Facebook, the Egyptian government has turned to blocking BlackBerry internet service as well. While this hasn’t been confirmed by RIM yet, several users are reporting the outage.

We’ll update if this story gets confirmed.

Experiencing BIS Problems in Canada and North America?



There are reports that BIS users across Canada and the US are experiencing problems across all carriers with email, web browsing, Facebook, Twitter etc. So far there are no reports from the Michigan area, but Ohio and parts of Canada are reporting problems. RIM is attempting to fix the problem.

Are you having issues? Let us know where, what and on which carrier.

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