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Mimecast Provide Cloud-Based Service to Prevent RIM Outages


Mimecast has announced the availability of a cloud-based service that emulates the information on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and ensures employees can access information on their BlackBerry, even if RIM is experiencing an outage. This is the first cloud service to protect against BES failures, and it challenges RIM’s message that BES is totally reliable. Mimecast Continuity Services are aimed at delivering email, and taking away the need for standby servers.

We know that RIM has experienced outages in the past, but overall the service is very reliable. It will be interesting to see what organizations are reaching out to this service, as these users need a level of service that RIM isn’t providing.

Read Mimecast’s press release for more information.

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Rogers 3G Network Down – Today is a 2G Day



UPDATE: Reports are coming in specifically from Ontario, Canada. Just to be clear.

We’re getting reports that the Rogers 3G network has been shotty all day and in many cases going down completely. If you’re experiencing problems, turn off your 3G connection and you should be good. We’ve heard that there was a planned BlackBerry service outage yesterday and I doubt the two are related but you never know.

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BlackBerry Internet Service maintenance tonight – changelog included



The BlackBerry Internet Service will be upgrading to 2.7 6/26 11 PM- 6/27 3 AM throughout the US, Canada and finally the Americas. The upgrade will be to improve the help screen, language support as well as add a minor change to the option menu. During the 4 hours when maintenance is going on, users won’t be able to access their BIS accounts.

If you’re looking to connect with friends tonight, make sure it’s via SMS and not your BIS email.

Click through to read the changes that will be made to BIS 2.7

Zenprise explains BES outages in Europe


I just got an email from Ahmed at Zenprise about the BES outages today in Europe. Today, a Zenprise customer in the UK got an alert from Zenprise at 13:32 that the RIM SRP network went down. That network looked to be back up and running around 15:00. One of Zenprise’s US customers supports users in Europe and received an alert at roughly the same time, but service for them was restored at 14:13.

Zenprise helps BES administrators cut down support tickets by using automation. This system was well demonstrated today.

One of the automated diagnostics that their product runs before triggering an alert is to run a network protocol to port 3101 to test RIM connectivity (that’s the port the BES server talks to the RIM network on). It looks like one of the advertised IP addresses of the RIM network went down, and the traffic was rerouted to the secondary IP address. The propagation of the DNS changes may have taken some time, which is why some customers saw service restore faster than others.

Thanks again to Zenprise for the information.