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BlackBerry users around the world talk overheating UPDATED


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After I wrote about the BlackBerry Bold in Japan overheating, I got a swarm of emails from people saying they’ve had similar overheating problems in their home country. Here are some examples:

From Spain (about Romania):

The first time I traveled to Romania with my new Bold it got VERY hot. Also the battery was consumed in 2 or 3 hours. I was permanently charging it and at the same time it was getting hotter and hotter. Although there was able a 3G network I changed the mode to 2G. Then, the overheating problem disappeared and the battery become useful for 1.5 days. My point is the device had some troubles to connect properly with the local network and was permanently looking for a better signal consuming extra battery and producing hot.

From Singapore:

I brought my bb bold a month ago & experience overheating yesterday. The battery just drain off and it felt very hot. I m staying in singapore. Is it a battery problem. I believe oem battery may be a problem instead of device.

From America about Indonesia:

I bought a Telstra bold in Indonesia, with firmware   I was having trouble with the radio losing signal even in high signal areas.   I upgraded to firmware and started to experience heading problems around the center of the unit and rapid battery depletion.    I upgraded further to firmware and the problem went away.

Thanks for all your emails!

If you have experienced overheating, comment with details about what happened and where you were at the time.

UPDATE: I just got another email, this one from Australia:

I am comms admin for an Australian business, we just upgraded some of our users to new blackberry bold’s and guess what? They are overheating like cakes and shutdown by it self and you can never switch them back on again till after a long time waiting.