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Australian government worries about BlackBerry use


AustraliaThe BlackBerry work/life balance debate rages on in Australian Parliament as 40 handhelds due for top executives get stalled due to concerns about squeezing in on staff’s personal time. There’s been an ongoing effort to promote telecommuting by the Australian Telework Advisory Committee, but apparently there’s still some resistance to adopting BlackBerry – and living in a city full of federal employees grumbling about their little digital ball and chains, I can see why.

Fire at RIM shuts down Philippine BlackBerry service


FireBlackBerry users in the Philipines have reported a service outage due to a small fire at RIM. Smart Communications was the affected carrier, so we presume it was a fairly localized incident that won’t be hurting other services any time soon, but it still makes us a bit jumpy to think about what would happen if a more widespread physical danger were to come to RIM’s servers.

Smart said the problem was detected Wednesday morning. The company added that RIM’s technical personnel are currently working to re-route traffic and expects normal services soon. Another advisory said that Smart and RIM are testing a solution to bring the push e-mail service back online.

China Mobile set to carry BlackBerry by end of month


China10,000 BlackBerry 8700s are en route to China, following the October announcement. Alcatel’s involvement has earned it branding status on the BlackBerry, which will be carried exclusively by China Mobile for about RMB 3450. Rumors are floating that competing Gome Mobile might be dealing with Alcatel for some 8700s as well, but officials have denied the possibility so far. Well, a limited release is better than no release, eh?

BlackBerry 8120 hits Singapore


SingaporeRIM has announced the Wi-Fi Pearl’s landing in Singapore, with all the usual goodies it comes with, available this December. No word on price or carrier yet, but Singapore’s not a big place, so we’re going to guess Singtel will be carrying it, and if it’s anything like the 8820 release, M1 and Starhub could be on board too.

BlackBerrys suceptible to Trojans?


Trojan Horse A presenter at Kiwicon, a security conference in New Zealand, recently showed how easy it is to set up a Trojan virus on a BlackBerry. Given this involves installing the client-side program in the first place, Graeme Neilson from Aura Software Security makes it sound like a piece of cake.

“But all code that runs on Blackberrys is signed, right? Yes, Neilson says, but the maker of the portable device, Research in Motion (RIM), isn’t too fussy about who it sells certs to. If you want to get your Trojan code signed to run on a Blackberry, just go to the Research In Motion Web-site, plug in your details, pay a fee and voila! You’re in business.”

Sony Ericsson P1i gets BlackBerry Connect


SE P1iWe just got wind that a whole bunch of countries in Asia-Pacific will be able to get their BlackBerry jollies on the Sony Ericsson P1i. Some might snub their nose at the thought of using a stylus, let alone straying from their beloved ‘Berry, but this Sony Ericsson deal is packing a 3.2 megapixel camera which doubles as a business card scanner. Nice, but worth losing the keypad over?