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Viigo partners with Pageonce to offer premium services


Viigo and Pageonce

Viigo has about an announcement per week and it’s great for meeting the consumer demand for features. Their latest announcement is a partnership with Pageonce to provide a premium accounts directory. Pageonce is a personal productivity assistant that allows users to get all their personal online accounts password-free, in the palm of their hand: monitor banking, credit card transactions, and investment accounts, track cell minutes, see itineraries, manage air miles, and view your Netflix queue, social networks, online shopping accounts, and email.

Pageonce accounts update automatically so the user has no need to manually input any data. Manage accounts such as : Bloomberg, Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, United, Southwest, Comcast, AT& T, Blockbuster, LinkedIn, MySpace and thousands more.

Available for a free 14 day trial, Pageonce, now available in the Stocks & Finance service, is Viigo’s first for-a-fee feature. The Pageonce integration significantly augments the Stocks & Finance service that presently includes the ability to build custom stock portfolios or view industry portfolios, access exchange rates and receive the latest breaking financial news and analysis.

Download Viigo for free for your BlackBerry.