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Telefònica distributes Palm and not BlackBerry


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How do carrier relations work? Why does Telefònica from Spain decide to be the exclusive distributor of the Palm Pre in Spain, the UK and Latin America? They should be the exclusive dealers of RIM Bolds or 8900s. They would be much better devices to support. In any case, Telefònica will be distributing the Palm Pre when it should be giving out a Bold or an 8900.



Palm to debut Nova OS at CES. Last gasp or rebirth?


We don’t talk much about Palm any more, but there was a time on the ‘Cool when Palm was a respected peer to RIM. Now, I physically shudder at the thought of a Palm/RIM connection.

The upcoming January CES will give Palm one final opportunity to change their fate. It is at CES where Palm will debut their new OS, code-named Nova, to what will surely be a lukewarm audience. BusinessWeek has a great article on the high expectations Palm must meet:

Palm needs to hit its mark. The company has lost share and its stock price has plummeted 80% since Rubinstein joined. With about six quarters of cash currently in the bank, Palm’s last best hope may be Nova, to be released by mid-2009. Cash-strapped carriers are loath to take on the cost of supporting another platform and software developers are busy building software for other devices, including the iPhone, BlackBerry, and phones that use Google’s (GOOG) Android software. “If they can’t show me a large, active audience, I’m not going to be interested,” says Jeff Holden, CEO of Web 2.0 company Pelago, maker of a social networking tool for the iPhone. “At this point in the game, you’re toast unless you have something completely unbelievable.”

Palm Chief Executive Officer Ed Colligan says they are attempting to aim at the ‘fat middle’ of the market between the iPhone and the BlackBerry. I’m not quite sure what that means, but I have to ask: at this point what would Palm have to show us to still be considered relevant?

|via BusinessWeek|


Palm set for layoffs amidst declining enterprise sales


Palm employs around 1,050 people in its organization but that number is soon to be smaller. The company is experiencing a serious decline in enterprise sales which could be the reason for the layoffs. Reuters explains:

According to data released Thursday by ChangeWave, only 5 percent of companies plan to buy a Palm smartphone in the next quarter, half the figure from a year ago. By contrast, 78 percent of corporations planned to buy a RIM device and 22 percent an iPhone.

So for all the problems that Palm is experiencing, RIM seems safe from all the economic woes discussed.



Nokia still rocks the mobile browser roost


International mobile browser share

The latest report from mobile advertising agency AdMob ran through some numbers based on the four billion ads they’ve served up. As you can see, Nokia remains top dog in mobile browsing activity, capturing a solid 34% of the global share thanks primarily to heavy adoption in Africa and Asia, followed up closely by Openwave (AKA WAP) at 29%. BlackBerry took a sad little 3% slice of the pie, right along side Motorola, Palm’s and Apple’s browsers. The BlackBerry 8300 and BlackBerry 8100 are still on the American Top Ten handsets list, though the top four spots are taken by Motorola. Even internationally, the Pearl does alright, getting 9th. place. In terms of geography, Indonesia has seen about ten times more traffic than last year, and Asia on the whole has seen a significant increase in activity.

(AdMob via Electronista)

RIM sued alongside Apple and Palm


GavelWiAV Solutions has recently unloaded both barrels of legal action on RIM, Apple and Palm regarding what’s called Adaptive Multi-Rate compression, a GSM voice compression technology. AMR is used to detect silence rather than sound, altering music to accommodate voice, and power management. Up to ten patents are supposedly being infringed upon, but AMR was included in the GSM standard back in ’98, so you have to wonder how it will all end up. WiAV only actually owns two of the offending patents, while they’re dragging their liscensor, Mindspeed, into the case to defend the rest of the technologies. On the whole, it sounds like this is a shaky case already, and probably won’t get too far. If you’re fluent in legalese, you can take a look at some of the court papers here.

(via Engadget)


RIM Vader-strangled Palm over the last year


Darth Vader strangles Elmo Another survey from ChangeWave dances on Palm’s grave by showing RIM’s compared progress over the last year. Planned BlackBerry purchases over the next 90 days had reached 82% from 61% in February ’07, while Palm dropped from 22% to a dismal 8% in May ’08. Needless to say, the two companies show an inverse relationship in planned activations, stock prices and enterprise sales. Although the feeling you get from looking at the numbers is akin to watching an episode of The World’s Most One-Sided Fistfights, it does give you hope for what RIM might be able to do against beefier competitors like Apple and Nokia.

(via ChangeWave)

Charts detailing Palm’s slow and painful demise after the jump…