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Premium Blockade Tetris-Style Game Available for $0.99


blockade tetris style game

We’ve been tracking the progress of Blockberry, a Tetris-style game that was available free on Papped’s website. The game has been updated with more features and is now available as a premium game for $0.99. In the latest version of Blockade, the game features:

  • Supports saving of games and loading. Stop a game and resume it later!
  • Native Blackberry application now rather than a Java midlet.
  • Improved background processing and game always pauses when game is interrupted.
  • Signed application.
  • Blocks change color when they lock into place.
  • Prompt on exit, other UI popups added.
  • New sounds and music.
  • Much faster loading and quitting.

Get more information about Blockade and download at this link.

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BlockBerry Tetris Clone Game Updated with Storm and Torch Support



Papped let us know that the popular Tetris clone game BlockBerry has been updated to support the Storm and Torch. A few improvements and bug fixes have been made as well including:

v6.03 (Torch + Storm versions only)

  • Game no longer needs to be started in portrait mode. It will correctly force portrait mode.

v6.01 (Torch + Storm versions only)

  • Redesigned level select, options and score entry screens.
  • Support for touchscreen controls, trackpad controls and keyboard controls (Torch only).
  • Changed Tetris sound back to original (Torch only).

Download the donationware Tetris clone game BlockBerry from Papped.

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