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mobilEncrypt by Echoworx Provides Cross-Platform Mobile Encryption


mobilEncrypt’s Endpoint software is an enterprise encryption solution for mobile users and works directly on the mobile device. Employees can send and receive encrypted messages using their company email address that can be easily centrally managed as well as the ability to revoke credentials if a device gets compromised.

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BlackBerry QWERTY Password Screen Trumps iPhone’s 10 Digits


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An iOS developer, Daniel Amitay, recently released iPhone passcode data revealed by his Big Brother Camera Security application. The free app uses code to record common user passcodes, and because the BBCS app’s passcode screen is identical to the iPhone passcode screen, it’s highly possible users will enter the same passcode for both. What he found was that the vast majority of users used very simple passcodes such as “1234”, “0000” and “1111”. All told, Amitay discovered that 15% of the over 200,000 passcodes captured by his app were represented by just ten different passcodes. Therefore, anyone who steals an iPhone, has a 15% chance of breaking into it with just 10 password tries.

Now compare this to the BlackBerry and it’s full QWERTY keyboard passwords. The possible permutations of passcodes that you could come up with are so vast it’s not even worth trying. Now, there are still some out there who will use basic passwords such as “BNM$ ENTER” because it’s fast to use, but for the most part BlackBerry passwords are probably pretty diverse. Even the way the keyboard is designed means you probably won’t use “1234” as your password because it’s not as easy to remember when surrounded by letters and symbols. What’s probably more common on a BlackBerry is a name or simple word such as “password”. Still, we’re happy to be using a device that at least gives you the option for a complex and secure password. Four digit passwords are simple to break simply by their nature of only being 4 digits.

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Preview: DataVault 4.3


DataVault 6We took a look at Data Vault way back when, and Ascendo’s been hard at work packing in the features to make their password-keeping software at the top of the heap. Not only are we going to plow through the release notes to see what’s changed since our last look, but we’ve also managed to get a sneak peak at version 4.3, due out this week.

Let’s crack this safe.

Review: Ascendo Datavault


Datavault A lot of us forget that the Blackberry is more than just cell phone and email. It does contain some PDA functions, albeit not as great as the Treo but passable for many users. One of the many uses of the PDA or electronic organizers is to replace the pen and paper as a better way to keep notes and addresses. I would use the Memo Pad application to quickly jot down my thoughts, list reminders, and store information. After awhile, you realize the things you write in memopad and how sensitive they are, ie. passwords, combinations, security codes, etc. Ascendo tries to solve this problem with their Datavault progam which allows you to securely store sensitive information on your Blackberry. Read our thoughts on the program:

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