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BlackBerry 6 Separates Password Lock and Hardware Lock


blackberry torch lock screen

This isn’t anything groundbreaking but just a little tidbit some of you may have noticed playing around with BlackBerry 6. With BlackBerry 6, RIM separated out the Lock and Password Lock functionality. The Lock button on the top of the device locks the unit, so there are no accidental key/screen presses, while Password Lock and Timeout requires users to enter their password. With non-touchscreen devices, BlackBerry 6 will have a separate Keyboard Lock and a Password Lock. There are many users who prefer the added security of a Password Lock, especially as the Lock can be disabled on a Torch by sliding it open.

This feature was in the later versions of OS 5 and the official word from RIM is that they’re separated in BlackBerry 6 and onwards. In order to set your device to password lock, you have a few options:

1. Set the Password Timeout to something relatively short in Options > Security > Password > Lock After: 2 Min
2. Use the Password Lock icon on the homescreen.
3. Set the Password Lock to a convenience key.

Do you Password Lock your device?

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Free BlackBerry Wallet app


BlackBerry WalletRonen spotted a new free app on the recently-revamped mobile BlackBerry site which seriously extends the default Password Keeper app. It’s almost stepping up to Ascendo Datavault, what with all its categories and fields available. Very cool stuff, and hard to argue with free, eh? Head on over here on your mobile to get the download.

SplashID updated


SplasIDPassword-keeping software SplashID has been updated to version 4 for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms, packing a couple of new features: links which open directly into the browser, four more fields, an upgraded password generator, secure record e-mailing, and some updates to the desktop client. We poked around at SplashID awhile back, but compared to DataVault, the decision should be clear. Regardless, if you’re looking for an alternative, you can pick up SplashID over here.

DataVault updated to 4.2


DataVaultOur buddies at Ascendo have updated their impressive password-storing software, DataVault, up to version 4.2. DataVault lets you store all your personal PIN numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information in an easily searchable and browsable interface. The big changes since our last look at DataVault include the ability to encrypt e-mails, improved importing and exporting, and a few shortcuts for easier navigation. They’ve also got a desktop client that’s been updated to work better with Firefox. For a full list of updates take a look over here, and if you’re looking to pick up the latest version, it’s available for $29.95.

Ascendo DataVault reviewed



It’s no secret – er, rather, it should be, but we’ve got a lot of information to retain these days. On top of our daily responsibilities, we’ve got passwords to remember so we can complete those responsibilities. It’s companies like Ascendo that prove they care with offerings like DataVault: “a program for your BlackBerry that stores confidential information like passwords, credit cards, PINs, logins, etc. using “the most powerful encryption method available.”

We’ve looked at a competing product, SplashID before and have spent time with one of the first password managers developed for BlackBerry, Cryptmagic, and are more than prepared to bring you a solid comparative review on Ascendo’s latest gem, DataVault.

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SplashID reviewed


7100t.jpgWhen you’re young and naive, you have that “one password” that you use for everything. Email, MySpace, whatever – same thing. Your bank PIN was simply the four first letters of that word worked out on the num-pad. As you grew older, so did the rest of the world and the necessity for more security.

Once you grow up, get a job, and realize you’ve got a little bit more than a measley email password to remember, that’s where an application like Splash ID comes into play. Enterprise users know exactly what I’m talking about. With the need for new/different passwords comes the need to remember new/different passwords. Thankfully with Splash ID from the folks at Splash Data, that’s finally a reality.

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