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RIM Patents Adaptive Roadside Billboard System Using Crowd Sourced Data


billboard patent

When you work for a company as large as RIM, a lot of patents get filed that aren’t necessarily part of the company’s business, but more part of its process. It’s also a great way to keep an inflated legal department busy during a lull in leak season.

The latest patents to come out of RIM relate to billboard advertising. RIM has applied for two patents titled an “Adaptive roadside billboard system and related methods” and “Adaptive pedestrian billboard system and related methods”. The idea is that the billboard advertising can make use of crowd-sourced data from RIM to serve ads more effectively. As more pedestrians pass an advertisement, the message might be made simpler to accommodate the influx of people. The same applies to cars: if traffic is slower, more detailed advertisements could be served.
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What Would You Think of a Rotating BlackBerry Keyboard?


rotating blackberry keyboard

Patents aren’t proof that RIM will be implementing anything but they’re fun to use as talking points. A recent patent filed by RIM shows a BlackBerry using a rotating keyboard, allowing the user to go from landscape keyboard to keypad. The schematics for the device make it look pretty ugly, but a rotating keyboard could be really useful. On the Torch for example, there are moments where you wish you could type on a physical keyboard without having to use the virtual keyboard.

Do you think the rotating keyboard idea looks cool or is it just awkward?

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RIM and Prism Technologies Settle Patent Dispute


Prism Technologies does internet security technology management and licensing and accused RIM of violating a patent having to do with authentication systems. Prism has said that they have reached an agreement with RIM and the dispute is settled. “As a company we have reached a settlement with Research in Motion and are pleased with the result,” A.J. Bahou, Prism’s vice president and chief intellectual property officer, told Reuters. It’s not clear whether Prism has a valid claim to these patents or they’re just another patent troll. RIM is a huge company and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

RIM Files Patent for Visually Impaired BlackBerry Interface


Patent filing doesn’t really mean anything as RIM files patents on a constant basis. The company has an incredibly inflated legal department, and if you’re an employee working on anything relatively unique, you will surely be submitting patents. That being said, RIM has filed a very relevant patent recently: a “multi-tap keyboard user interface” that will provide auditory feedback to BlackBerry users who are visually impaired.

With this auditory feedback system, a user can invoke applications by pressing a specific set of keys. Each key has a specific audio message, allowing a visually impaired user to navigate the device effectively.

We have seen a few software solutions that are geared towards helping the visually impaired use a BlackBerry and they’re very expensive. It would be really interesting if RIM gave the OS this software natively as it would save the visually impaired a great deal of money.

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RIM Re-Files Patent for New Conference Call Interface


We’ve said it a million times, but filing a patent doesn’t prove RIM is going to implement, but at least it puts it a little closer in the realm of possibility. RIM recently re-filed a patent for a conference call interface that looks very much in line with the sort of uber-visual interface we’ve seen with BlackBerry 6. From the patent drawings, we can see the conference call interface displays avatars of those in the call, along with some information about the person such as name and phone number.

While there isn’t much to see here other than some design mockups, it looks like a great start. A more visual conference call experience is something I would love on my BlackBerry, and would add a little more functionality to the experience. I’m going to assume this new conference call feature allows you to select those on the call and interact with them over email, BBM etc.

What would you like to see improved in conference calls on BlackBerry?

More patent information available here.

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RIM Working on Methods to Monetize Email with Advertising



In a series of patents filed recently, it seems RIM is working on methods for monetizing BlackBerry messages. One patent, titled “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INCORPORATING MULTIMEDIA CONTENT INTO A MESSAGE HANDLED BY A MOBILE DEVICE“, describes a method for examining a message and linking keywords in the message to an ad. This sounds just like what Google does in its webmail and RIM is probably going to see if it can generate some dollars from a similar service.

Another patent, titled “SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR EVALUATING ADVERTISING METRICS“, describes a method for determining whether an application or user has attempted to defraud RIM’s advertising model. Personally, I think RIM could do well with a partnership with Google, instead of trying to do it themselves. Google has figured all of this out already and I bet RIM will come across some of the same problems Google faced in its early stages of development. One particular problem I see on the horizon is a backlash from people seeing ads in their BlackBerry Messages. Email is a very private service and while Google saw a backlash from their web service, I think seeing ads on your handheld will generate more concern.

What do you think, would you care about seeing ads in your email? What if there was some benefit like cheaper devices in the long run?

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