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How to Transfer App World 1.0 Purchases to a BBID in App World 2.0


App World

The BlackBerry Knowledge Base put a pretty useful article up that we’d like to paraphrase. The guide tells you how to migrate your App World 1.0 purchases to a BlackBerry ID, to be used in App World 2.0. While most users have probably downloaded the latest version of App World, there are probably a lot of users buying new devices and wondering how to bring their purchases over. Well here is how to do it:
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RIM Addresses a Few Questions About App World Frustrations and Upcoming Features


app world improvements

RIM has really ramped up the content on their official channels in response to some of the discussion that has been going on lately regarding developer frustrations and what the community would like to see. It’s great to see the company so open about this stuff, and it goes a long way to showing the community that they’re listening and reassuring them that these frustrations are being dealt with. App World’s Alex K had this to say about some of your questions:
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BlackBerry App World Desktop Commerce Now Live!


app world billing

We got confirmation that BlackBerry App World desktop commerce was coming back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference and it’s now live. The new App World site allows you to purchase and download free apps as well as sync your device so that your apps are synced with the site.

Currently, only Windows is supported and the site supports a few types of billing including PayPal, credit card or carrier billing. To get started with the new site, you’ll need to install a 1MB MSI App World installer.

Head over to App World and check it out.

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App World 2.0 Details Announced at Media Event with Roadmap Hints


At a press event last night RIM announced App World 2.0 details that included much of what we expected such as carrier billing and pre-installs on new devices. App World 2.0 will launch with the following features and enhancements:

  • Supports OS 4.5 and above
  • 4.4 and below to still support App World 1.1
  • App World 2.0 app is smaller than 1.1 (in KB). This is due to dropped 4.4 and below support as well as general optimizations
  • Improved image caching so there will be icons and apps when you load it up right away
  • New BBM-style menu hierarchy categories with a new themes section (the whole system is called top 25). The top menu items are: Recently Updated, New, Top Free, Top Paid, and Themes.

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PayPal announce free Send Money app for BlackBerry



[Although PayPal say it is free in App World, at the moment, it’s nowhere to be found.]

UPDATE: It is now live in App World. Thanks Bla1ze. -Kyle

PayPal announced today that their Send Money application is now available for BlackBerry. The app lets users send money quickly to friends and family via their PayPal accounts. Users will be able to send money to anyone on their contact list, as well as check their recent history and account balance directly from their BlackBerry.

The PayPal application is free to download and use, and is available on BlackBerry App World in Canada, USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal and Australia.

The announcement is great and all, but I can’t for the life of me find the app. Does anyone see it in their App World?

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BlackBerry takes another step towards replacing the wallet



Zoompass is a service specifically for Canadians that lets you send and receive money from your BlackBerry device. The service uses your personal bank account or credit card and, for now, is aimed at your average consumer and not retailers.

While Zoompass has had a BlackBerry application for some time now, I haven’t heard about it and many of the major blogs haven’t written about them either. The service just recently came to my attention as they are now offering it for all mobile devices with Internet access, and not just BlackBerry.

If you’ve read my bio, you know I spent a decent amount of time living in South Korea. There, your mobile phone is your wallet. A chip is inserted into your phone, much like a media card, and it is directly connected to your bank like a debit card. This is where mobility is heading and it’s incredible to see a company taking North Americans one step closer.

“Our research shows people are looking for ways to simplify their payment experience,” said Robin Dua, president of En-Stream, the company that develops the application.

The service is aimed at a college demographic, who are constantly in need of a simplified way to send small amounts of money; whether it be repaying a debt or getting some food money from parents.

Canadian users can sign up for a free Zoompass account now and begin using the service. One caveat is the service charges. You will be charged 50ยข to make an instant money transfer each time. This price will hopefully come down as more users subscribe to the service and prove it works.

In Quebec, Virgin Mobile and the wireless offering from Videotron Ltd. are excluded from the service.

Sign up and start using Zoompass for BlackBerry today!