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BlackBerry MVS 5.2 Updated to Support BlackBerry 7.1 Devices


BlackBerry Mobile Voice System has been updated to support BlackBerry 7.1 devices. The update also supports more PBX systems and is now compatible with call recording infrastructure allowing professionals in the financial services sector to conduct business while away from their desk phone.
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Phone.com App Offers Virtual Office for BlackBerry Users


virtual office

Phone.com offers a virtual office solution that comes with a long list of phone features including voicemail by email, call forwarding to several phones, call from a private number, call scheduling and more. Many of the Phone.com features look similar to the sort of features you would get with a PBX system and RIM’s MVS. The Mobile Office solution is now available for BlackBerry users and could be beneficial to contractors or small business owners.
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fgVoIP App Allows VoIP Calls Over WiFi via PBX and SIP Provider


When we last wrote about FgVoIP, they had developed a VoIP client that lets you make and receive VoIP calls on all BlackBerrys but they had a limited amount of device support. The company let us know that their client is now available on all BlackBerry Devices right up to and including OS 5.0.
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YouMail customers with VoIP or PBX get a free DropBox service


YouMail have announced their DropBox service: a free service that allows users to integrate VoIP and PBX voicemail with your BlackBerry voicemail. To use this service, your VoIP or PBX must support delivering voicemails by email as an MP3 or WAV file.

Every YouMail customer has a DropBox at myphonenumber@my.youmail.com (ie. 8881234567@my.youmail.com). To setup this DropBox, change the email address that your VoIP voicemail is delievered to, to the DropBox email provided.

Once setup, all voicemails sent to your DropBox should then appear in the YouMail inbox. Once there in YouMail, you have access to key YouMail features including access from BlackBerry apps, voicemail sharing, spam filtering, and more. You’ll even get full Caller ID from most services.


[Hat tip Shaun C]

VoIP with PBX support coming to BlackBerry via Agito Networks


A solid VoIP solution is going to really transform the way voice is used in enterprise. The costs associated with voice are just too much, especially during peak hours. Agito Networks is looking to fill the BlackBerry enterprise VoIP void, and their technology seems promising.

Agito has added BlackBerry support to their RoamAnywhere Mobility Router which uses WiFi to deliver VoIP calling. The router is geared towards the enterprise market and looks to unify communications within the organization by having PBX support.

BlackBerry support will be available early next month, and per-user costs vary by the size of the deployment. We’ll keep you updated as this solution will be great for the SMB market in particular.


MyCaption uses Yap technology and human editors for accuracy



MyCaption is a voice-to-text app that we have written about a few times. The company has announced today that it will be using speech recognition technology from Yap, Inc. to drive their business applications for BlackBerry and PBX Voicemail.

Personally, I’ve tried MyCaption and found it incredibly accurate. Although I don’t use it for enterprise purposes, I have found a great consumer use. Whenever I get emails from old friends or coworkers that I need to reply to, but am a little too lazy to type out, I can just talk the email to MyCaption and it translates it surprisingly well.

If you’re an enterprise user, MyCaption will accurately voice-write your email, memos, tasks, contact notes and calendar entries on a BlackBerry. Other features include support for multiple email accounts, ample dictation time, text review and customizable dictionary.

The last time we posted about this company, many commented on the fact that Vlingo provides the same service. Apparently, MyCaption uses a mix of speech recognition technology and human editors, to improve accuracy levels. This mixed technology could be a blessing for business-length messages.

Purchase MyCaption for you BlackBerry for $10.