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Introductory smartphone market and BlackBerry devices



The line between consumer and enterprise is blurred and many of what RIM has been doing in recent years, reflects a shift in their market. RIM is now selling BlackBerry devices to consumers and enterprise alike. Now, 70 percent of new users are considered a consumer, and overall, consumers make up half of RIM’s user base.

The BlackBerry Pearl is the ultimate introductory smartphone and RIM will be continuing with the series as long as there are still users who have not been converted to the smartphone realm. The BlackBerry Pearl and Pearl Flip are the beginning of this introductory smartphone device roadmap, with a 3G BlackBerry in the pipes already. Although the Flip sold significantly less than other BlackBerry models such as the Curve 83xx, it is still in its infancy, and the device had enough demand to merit making the form factor.

In the coming years we will see more introductory smartphones from RIM to fill the many niches in the market. You will never love every device you see from RIM, but there will always be a device for you.

Here are some introductory devices you may or may not see from RIM:

  • 3G BlackBerry Pearl (unofficially confirmed)
  • BlackBerry Pearl Slider (we have seen the patents)
  • BlackBerry Pearl Touch (RIM is on a streak of combining devices Pearl + Storm)

Personally, I would like to see the conversion rates of BlackBerry Pearl users who move up the smartphone chain to purchase either a Curve or a Bold. I suspect the Pearl does wonders for convincing users of the joys of smartphone ownership.


Shout Postcard expands to Pearl


PostcardMe Inc.’s postcard-sending service, Shout Postcard, launched its beta last month on the Curve, and is now available for Pearl. With Christmas right around the corner, this is great timing, since it allows you to send quick, personal, spur-of-the-moment postcards using sound recording and pictures taken with your BlackBerry. This way you could send thank you cards to distant relatives who might have shipped a present in, or last minute best wishes to folks you had forgotten in the all the holiday hubbub.

Weekly Contest: Home Sweet Home


BBStore OpeningEarlier this week, RIM partnered up with Wireless Giant to launch a dedicated BlackBerry store, which is a pretty big step. The more hopeful among us might see this as a sign of a larger move away from carrier dependency, while others might see the opening as a cute pilot project that won’t really go anywhere. Regardless, BlackBerry now has a real brick-and-mortar consumer home in Michigan, and its success will determine how much further RIM goes with the idea. This week we’re asking BBCool readers: will BlackBerry stores spread? Is it commercially viable? Can you see a branch in every major city? How do carriers feel? Does it work to their advantage or detriment to have comparable plans right next to one another? As for the prize for the best comment, this week we’ll be giving away the Curve or Pearl skin of your choice from the fine folks at DecalGirl.

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Curve BerryBUDDY on the way


CurveBuddyWe just got some fresh concepts shots of the upcoming BerryBUDDY charging/syncing cradle for the Curve, and it certainly looks pretty slick. A light gray charger with chrome highlights might match the Curve’s style a bit better, but we ain’t complaining. Besides, it’ll still be awhile before this hits shelves, so changes are entirely possible. We took a look at the Pearl BerryBUDDY which had a sweet design, so hopefully innov8 can bring the same quality to the Curve.

The BlackBerry Cool Wishlist


TreeChristmastime is rapidly approaching, and maybe that special BlackBerry-user in your life hasn’t been bought for just yet. Well, there’s still time and BBCool’s here to help you find something you know they’ll use and love. We’ve compiled a little wish-list of stuff we would personally like to see under the tree – presents we’re so sure of that we’re knocking 10% off all in-store items marked with asterix – just enter the coupon code BBHOLIDAY for your discount. I know, we’re giving y’all presents early again, but we just can’t help it.

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OS 4.3 packing stereo Bluetooth support?


BluetoothKevin has had a chance to play around with OS 4.3 on the BlackBerry 8100 and found that it supports A2DP, a feature previously found only on the Curve and later Pearl models. As a guy who’s stuck listening to podcasts on the dinky mono earbud with his Pearl, I’m pretty excited about the news. With any luck the stereo Bluetooth support will also hit the 8800 whenever OS 4.3.1 becomes publicly available.