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PeeKaWho v1.20 adds Spam Block, multi-language support


BlackBerry Cool is a pretty big fan of PeeKaWho, SmrtGuard’s original SMS and email alert application for BlackBerry. So much so, that when SmrtGuard sent out the call for translation help, we rallied the BlackBerry Nation to the cause.

Now, thanks to you, PeeKaWho v.1.20 is now available, featuring no less than SEVEN LANGUAGES! But that’s not all the new version of PeeKaWho contains. Check it out below.

What’s NEW in PeekaWho v1.20

    * PeeKaBlock – SPAM Control on your BlackBerry. You can now setup Blacklist and Whitelist with PeeKaBlock. [Learn how to use PeekaBlock]
    * Improved LED Notification. When you read an email, the LED alerts turns off with the email.
    * Multi-lingual support – See our options in these languages: French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portegese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplify), and of course English. [PeekaWho Multi-lingual version]
    * PeeKaLight – using your BB as Flash Light – now works with Left Convenience Key for quick access

Bug Fixes:

    * PeeKaPic not showing up bug when language is not set to English.
    * HTML Support showing tags.

:: Followup! Integration ::

    PeeKaWho now integrates with FollowUp! so you don’t forget to reply to that email.

PeekaWho retails for the affordable price of USD $10. Download it from the links below, or check out the free 7-day trial!

Head 2 Head: Aerize vs. PeeKaWho Review
Download PeekaWho v.1.20 for BlackBerry [free trial]
Read the PeekaWho User Manual


Free software for German and Italian BlackBerry users!


PeekaWho for BlackBerry

BlackBerry Nation, assemble! The fine gents over at Smrtguard are in need of your help. It turns out that they’re looking to translate their award-winning software PeekaWho into Italian and German, but are without the requisite skills (i.e. being literate in Italian and German)!

Are there any Italian or German-speaking members of the BlackBerry Nation willing to lend a helping hand? If so, Smrtguard is willing to throw in a free copy of PeekaWho and FollowUp! for your BlackBerry, as well as a lifetime supply of appreciation.

All those interested can email support|AT|smrtguard|dot|com with the heading ‘Translate’.


Head 2 Head: Aerize vs. PeeKaWho


Last week we reviewed both Aerize and PeeKaWho, two great pieces of software that essentially give you great-looking caller-ID functionality for your emails and SMS text messages. We’ve talked quite a bit about PeeKaWho, developed by BlackBerry Cool 15 nominee Robert Kao of SmrtGuard (also the developer of Followup and SmrtGuard), and Aerize Alerts (developed by Aerize, who also developed the Aerize Card Loader we mentioned earlier in May).

Aerize vs. PeekaWho Head 2 Head

PeeKaWho v.1.160 Reviewed!



We’ve talked quite a bit about PeeKaWho here at BlackBerry Cool, but no one’s actually reviewed the product. BlackBerry Cool 15 nominee Robert Kao of SmrtGuard – the developer of Followup and SmrtGuard – brings Blackberry users this great piece of software.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable caller ID function for your incoming email and SMS text messages, look no further. PeeKaWho is great if you want to view your email or text messages at a glance while performing other functions on your Blackberry, like composing an email or surfing in the browser. You can also disallow PeeKaWho pop-ups when using certain applications, great for when you don’t want to be interrupted while you’re writing an email, viewing a video or dialing a call
Continue reading ‘PeeKaWho v.1.160 Reviewed!’

PeekaWho gets an update! Download the beta now!


PeekaWho for BlackBerry

The fine gents from SmrtGuard, of BlackBerry Cool 15 fame (and current guest on the BlackBerry Cool Podcast) just tipped me off that they have released an update to the insanely popular PeekaWho. You can check out the whole change log below:

Change Log

    - Confirm deletes
    – LED Alerts (LED will be on until popup disappear – you can turn off auto fade so the LED is be on until you manually dismiss it)
    – Mark as Read (new icon on the popup)
    – Added Bedside into the list of application filter
    – popup show even when locked
    – Title and Corp Name in the popup
    – Color on Subj and Body for easy read
    – Key Shortcuts while popup is showing
    (d for dismiss, i for inbox, del key for delete, f for follow, r for mark as read)
    – language support framework (working on the translation)

Known Issue:

    - International Language problem with RIM’s API. When in a language other than English, PeeKaPic will not lookup properly. Also, Email Address Chooser in the email filter will not be able to add emails. We are working with RIM on this.

The best thing about the PeekaWho update? You can get it right now, for a FREE 7 day trial, by participating in the PeekaWho beta. Click the link below to download the new version of PeekaWho:

PeekaWho Beta Download


BlackBerry Developer Conference: the Interviews (BlackBerry Cool Podcast)


The BlackBerry Cool Podcast

Ok, so we’re a little late (early?) with this edition of The BlackBerry Cool Podcast. Blame the Blackberry Developer Conference – the sunny weather and good times left us pretty unreceptive to Ottawa’s dreary climate, making doing any sort of work quite difficult.

We’ve been thinking quite a bit about BBDC this past week, because it was such a clear marker of the sea change currently underway in the BlackBerry ecosystem. There is so much energy coming from RIM and BlackBerry developers right now. The amount of cool applications displayed during the BlackBerry Cool 15, the BBDC Keynote, or by enthusiastic developers with BlackBerrys in hand was mind-boggling. If you weren’t there yourself, you wouldn’t believe BlackBerrys could do these things. I’m sure with the new APIs and tools being released by RIM, the software we see at WES will be even better.

To that end, this week’s entire podcast is dedicated to the people that help make BBDC worthwhile: developers and the VC’s that fund them.

Beth Marcus, Zeemote
Evgeny Lebanidze, BeamBerry
Peter Werry, Multiplied (Poynt)
Robert Kao, SmrtGuard (PeeKaWho)
Rick Segal, BlackBerry Partners Fund

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get anyone from BlackBerry Cool 15 winner Nobex on the podcast (they were too busy cashing their 150,000 cheque), but we’ll have them on next week. Downloading/streaming options for the BlackBerry Cool Podcast can be found after the jump, as well as links to all the relevant news stories. Enjoy!

Special thanks to BlackBerry Cool Podcast sponsor, Rove Mobile, and BBDC coverage sponsor, bitHeads!

BlackBerry Developer Conference Key News