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PhoneSheet Call Management Solution App With Free Trial


PhoneSheet is a call management app that lets you avoid lost messages and forgotten follow-ups. The app is integrated into the BlackBerry call process and address book to let you manage, organize and track calls. Users can access their tracked calls on their BlackBerry as well as access a web-based portal at PhoneSheet.com. The universal access keeps users in constant contact with their team and up-to-speed with client communications in real-time
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Free Binary Clock Application Now on App World


Binary Clock is a clock app with a creative display, its now available for free on App World. This app displays the time as a binary coded decimal, with the hours, minutes and seconds of the day displayed in the colour of your choice.

A binary coded decimal can be read with each column added up with each light worth (from top to bottom) 8, 4, 2, and 1, and the column on the left being worth 40, 20, and 10. For example the time in the above image would be 16 hours, 9 minutes, and 25 seconds.

This app support BlackBerry OS 4.6 and above, download it today at BlackBerry App World

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PhoneFace Speed-Dial nabs Facebook pictures to make calls


If you dug the interface in FlipSide, Electric Pocket has recently tweaked it and made PhoneFace, allowing you to scroll through pictures of friends to call and text them. Pictures can be taken from your BlackBerry’s camera, nabbed off your media card, or even imported from Facebook. This is a pretty slick idea (along the same lines as PictureDial) that I could see as an eventual full Address Book replacement. Throw a few more options in there like e-mail and MMS, maybe add some group options, ability to zoom in and out of a grid, and you’ve got something pretty awesome. Interested? Give PhoneFace a shot for 7 days free!


MO-Call offering cheap calls from your BlackBerry


Using an on-device app, MO-Call is offering cheap voice calling worldwide. Now available on a bevvy of BlackBerry devices, this sounds like a much smoother approach than dialling through a lengthy calling card processes, and who doesn’t want to save some coin on international calls? Cheers Hayden!

Vringo syncs up Facebook profile pics with caller ID


VringoYou know how you can get a picture associated with contacts in your BlackBerry’s address book so it pops up when they call? It’s a cool feature, but a bit of a pain to get set up; either you’re sideloading a bunch of personal pics and laboriously chewing through your address book one by one, or you’re relying on mediocre snaps taken with your Pearl or Curve. Well, Vringo is working on this great app for Facebook and your BlackBerry which brings up profile pictures in the exact same way. It doesn’t work with the address book, but rather pops up another window when you get a call with the caller’s picture. Too bad, since it’s a bit cumbersome having more windows open and accessing the pictures at other times would be nice, but this is a beta, so there’s hope still. Head on over here to get started, and hey, while you’re on Facebook, you should check out the BBCool page.

New software tracks BlackBerry text messaging


RetainTracking e-mail through a BES is easy enough, but SMS text messaging from a BlackBerry has been a little trickier for admins. GWAVA has just released Retain, a clientless archiving system that aims to solve the issue. It installs on your BES in a half hour, and will keep track of all PIN and SMS messages, as well as phone logs. This sounds like a solid option for enterprises that want to be ready for audits and enforce their IT policy with an iron fist.