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Free photo sharing app for BlackBerry Bold and Pearl – SendPhotos


Avanquest Software is going to be showcasing their latest product at CTIA: a fully-featured interactive photo sharing solution.

The app is called SendPhotos, and it is available for the BlackBerry Bold and Pearl. Membership at SendPhotos includes a free mobile phone client, free PC client, and free online access with 1GB of online storage space throughout the duration of the beta phase.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect from each client:

SendPhotos Mobile

  • Automates upload of snapshots to SendPhotos.com
  • A convenient Set-up Wizard.
  • Avoid costly data charges that can otherwise occur when uploading photos while roaming.

SendPhotos PC

  • Providing the flexibility of online or offline organizing.
  • Easy upload, download and synchronizing of photos and image albums .
  • Cropping, redeye reduction and color and contrast correction tools for use before sharing images.

SendPhotos Web

  • A personal and private online cache for uploading, archiving, synchronization and sharing of digital images.
  • Allows access only to user-authorized family, friends and associates without third-party publicity or search-engine pickup and dissemination across the Internet.
  • A simple drag-and-drop, animated and extremely fluid interface facilitates the easy transfer of stored photos to a variety of external photo sharing and social networking sites, including Picasa, MySpace and many others.

To become part of the BETA test phase, get your free membership here.