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Free Photo Studio App Updated With BBM, New Frames and New Effects For Your Pics


Instagram is a huge hit on iPhone and a lot of its success can be attributed to the photo effects that it provides. Taking a photo with Instagram always looks great and the same photo effects can be applied using some of the photo editors and Instagram copies on BlackBerry. A free photo effect app called Photo Studio has recently been updated to include BBM Social as well as new effects.
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Add Vintage Effects to Your Photos with LensBoost by MBLWare


LensBoost is a new app by MBLWare that gives your pics a vintage look and then lets you share them with your friends over Twitter, Facebook, and BBM. The app differentiates itself from others on the market by offering a clean UI as well as unique vintage filters/frames. The app also lets you apply these filters to full sized images without the need to crop.
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Add Filters to Your Pictures with PixTrix Public Beta



The company Inline Marmalade let us know about their first BlackBerry app called PixTrix, which is a simple to use photo editing app. With PixTrix, users can apply photographic filters to their pics, much like Instagram for iPhone. The app is currently available as a public beta, and can be used with devices running OS 5.0 with 6.0 not currently available but coming soon.

Grab the public beta download from their site at this link.

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12 ways to be a better BlackBerry photographer



Taking a good photo is really important. It’s annoying to send around family and friend pictures that are blurry and pixelated once you open them on a desktop. The latest BlackBerrys have cameras strong enough to take a decent picture, you just need to know how. Here are 12 simple tips to taking a good pic with your BlackBerry.

1. Get Closer
While you can capture panoramas with your camera, you’ll take the best possible photos by getting close to your subject matter. Go ahead and take a few extra steps toward what you’re shooting—the images you capture will be much more engaging.

2. Hold Steady
Camera shake is the primary reason for blurry photos, whether you’re using a cameraphone or a digital SLR. To capture a crisp, clear image, hold your device with two hands or use one hand to brace your arm. If possible, hold your smartphone on top of a desk or other object to reduce camera shake.

3. Be Patient
There’s often a short delay between the moment you depress the shutter button and when a photo is taken. Be sure not to move your device during this time; doing so will result in a blurry image.
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