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12 ways to be a better BlackBerry photographer



Taking a good photo is really important. It’s annoying to send around family and friend pictures that are blurry and pixelated once you open them on a desktop. The latest BlackBerrys have cameras strong enough to take a decent picture, you just need to know how. Here are 12 simple tips to taking a good pic with your BlackBerry.

1. Get Closer
While you can capture panoramas with your camera, you’ll take the best possible photos by getting close to your subject matter. Go ahead and take a few extra steps toward what you’re shooting—the images you capture will be much more engaging.

2. Hold Steady
Camera shake is the primary reason for blurry photos, whether you’re using a cameraphone or a digital SLR. To capture a crisp, clear image, hold your device with two hands or use one hand to brace your arm. If possible, hold your smartphone on top of a desk or other object to reduce camera shake.

3. Be Patient
There’s often a short delay between the moment you depress the shutter button and when a photo is taken. Be sure not to move your device during this time; doing so will result in a blurry image.
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Codasystem Shoot&Proof available for BlackBerry (BlackBerry Bytes)


shootandproof for BlackBerryFrench software developer Codasystem announced yesterday the release of their Shoot&Proof application for BlackBerry. Shoot&Proof allows enterprise and prosumer users to host and share images taken via their BlackBerry in a secure environment. Because it establishes the legal value of photos—who took what pictures, when and where— Shoot&Proof can be deployed by construction and public works, real estate, poster advertising, the press and maintenance industries.

To learn more about Shoot&Proof, head to: http://www.shootandproof.com/

Shoot&Proof Press Release

Review: SugarSync


SugarSync for BlackBerryBetween a BlackBerry, work computer, home desktop, and laptop, it’s easy to get your files scattered in a lot of different places. SugarSync knows this and is trying make it quick and easy to make sure you can always access all of your files. They’ve been kicking around for awhile, and I’ve been testing it out since beta. We talked with the developer about the importance of syncing across desktops and handheld, followed up by high promises of review. Well, here we are and ready to take a good close look at SugarSync.

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BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: 2008 Winners



You already heard what the people have chosen, and now to announce what the supposed experts have to say. Like we mentioned in last week’s podcast, it’s a tough call to make with such a wide range of products being shown off at WES. The judges for each category had their own set of standards (as you can see), so the results are bound to be highly subjective. The fact of the matter is every exhibitor at WES had something worth showing off, and these were just some of the few that stuck out in our judge’s minds.

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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: iTookThisOnMyPhone


iTookThisOnMyPhone logoIf you’re a budding photographer you might want to check out iTookThisOnMyPhone. Their free service automatically uploads any pictures or videos you take to their servers, and allows you to describe and manage them online, leaving your BlackBerry Pearl or Curve’s memory free for other uses. You can can make photos public, or create user groups to only allow certain visitors access. They recently joined the ISV Alliance, so hopefully we can see some new features (ordering prints, maybe?) at WES this year.

Manage social networking media with ShoZu


ShoZu has announced BlackBerry support for their self-titled app that allows you to upload pictures and video from your BlackBerry to sites like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and more. With the click of a button, you can upload your media to any or all of the 30+ supported sites, as well as receive and respond to comments. An upcoming update will also allow you to have friends’ new Flickr photos sent directly to your phone. If you’re using a Pearl or Curve you’ll be able to snag it from their website or WAP site, although it seems their PR department has outpaced the IT department, as the BlackBerry isn’t showing up yet in their list of supported phones.