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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Networks In Motion


NIM logoNetworks In Motion offers a number of location-based-services for both personal and business use. AtlasBook provides you with maps and directions, as well as a local directory of points of interest, while its family-oriented counterpart FamilyFinder lets parents track the whereabouts of younger family members without requiring them to call and check in. Their PhotoFinder software allows photographers to tag their photo with location information and even get exact directions to where their photos were taken. Finally, for business customers, AtlasLink is tool for managers to track and communicate with a team in the field. Developers attending WES will likely be keen to check out their booth for their NAVBuilder solution, a platform for LBS/GPS development.

mig33 comes to BlackBerry


mig33I hadn’t heard of them until now, but mig33 is a social networking site for mobiles that allows photo sharing, cheap international SMS and calls, but most of all, it incorporates multiple chat services in its handheld client. There are some pretty cool functions there, but really, how can you not endorse such a cute robotic mascot? I mean, c’mon. Look at that thing. More info on the BlackBerry client here, or you can head on over to http://wap.mig33.com to get your OTA download. Thanks Hayden!


GyPSii launches BlackBerry client


GyPSiiEarlier this week social networking site GyPSii launched their client for BlackBerry, following in the footsteps of its Symbian and Windows Mobile counterparts. The biggest thing that sets GyPSii apart from your everyday Facebook knockoff is location awareness using mobiles, even without GPS units. You can geotag pictures, videos, text, find friends, and share points of interest using GyPSii. Interested? You can get started for free over here, and download the client over the air from http://gypsii.com/m.

Picasa app coming to BlackBerry


PicasaRemember when Google Updater came out, and everyone moaned how Picasa was just a link to the mobile site? Well, word has it a proper application is in the works, and should not only allow you direct uploading from your phone to Google’s web photo album service, but also let you add tags as well as geotag the location of the photo. The Facebook application featured picture uploading, which is one of its great features over the mobile site, but a fully-featured mobile photo app will be even better. I’m all about the geotagging (and Google, for that matter), so keep your eyes peeled for a release.

DialedIn provides multimedia event invitations via BlackBerry


DialedInRonen has spotted a nifty little event managing service called DialedIn. The software lets you make a quick web page either from your desktop or BlackBerry with all the pertinent attachments (video, documents, pictures, etc.), send out a mass SMS or e-mail to invitees who can then RSVP, and post comments or media themselves. Even if you’re meeting somewhere your guests have never been to, the invitations also include directions through Google Maps. Interested? You can download the client over the air at http://dialedin.com/blackberry/index.html.

BlackBerry Unite! hitting American shores soon?


Unite!We just got word that BlackBerry Unite!, the small group solution that’s already being bundled free with BlackBerrys in Spain, is due in North America early in December. Talk about a merry Christmas, huh? BlackBerry Unite! will let up to 5 BlackBerrys share documents, photos, media, calendars, as well as enjoy added device security options. We trust it’ll be just as free as Telefonica’s offering, but you can never put it past a carrier to charge for the perks. File this one under rumors for now, but here’s hoping…