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City of Ottawa Mayor uses a BlackBerry to promote local business



This isn’t the most breaking of BlackBerry news but there is an interesting contest going on in the City of Ottawa, where BlackBerry is playing a central role in boosting the local economy.

Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is home to a staggering number of BlackBerry devices. Being the capital city, the Federal government constitutes around 18.2% of local GDP. That means there is a significant amount of government workers in the region and the vast majority of them carry a BlackBerry.

The latest city initiative, Picture it Downtown, encourages citizens to take pics of themselves enjoying downtown Ottawa, and sending the pictures in to win prizes. This is a great idea because anything that gets people downtown, enjoying the city, will help local businesses grow and generally boosts the local economy. Even though the contest applies to those who aren’t using a BlackBerry, we can assume this government city is using the BlackBerry as the primary device for entering the contest.

Personally, I think the City of Ottawa could seriously benefit from partnering with vPost. vPost is the easiest way to take pictures, video, audio and add multiple attachments to an email.

So if you live in Ottawa, join in the fun. Also, feel free to recommend this initiative to your local government representatives as it could do great things for the local economy.

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