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ScanR to textify pics snapped from BlackBerry


scanRThis is pretty awesome right here. Take a picture of any text (document, business card, whiteboard, etc.) and so long as it’s in focus, ScanR will convert the image into a PDF, DOC, or vCard, depending on what you’re sending. All you have to do is send the image to one of three e-mail addresses, and you’ll get an automated reply with the processed file. You can always access the original pictures and their results from their website, too. Be warned, only the newer camera-toting BlackBerrys with a 2.0 megapixel camera will do the trick for this service. Definitely didn’t work on my old 8100. Keep an eye out for a launch this week. Thanks Ronen!

Mobile photo sharing for your BlackBerry


RadarMobile photo sharing service Radar has announced today support for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile devices, and others numbering over 220. Cameras on phones tend to get a pretty bad rap in the quality department, but Radar’s doing some pretty cool stuff here. Think of it as Twitter, only with pictures. MMS isn’t a service available to everybody, but Radar seems to be a way to get around that. They’re boldly claiming that you can share not only your pictures, but also videos with any registered friend on any phone on any carrier worldwide. The producer, Tiny Pictures, has even got a Facebook app ready to rock. I’ll admit it; I’m a sucker for the Facebook and the social networking and all that. Stuff like Radar makes me want to trade in the 8800 for something with a camera.

Verizon pulls no punches over the weekend


VerizonMan, I thought Friday was slow for BlackBerry news. Though the iPhone’s come rumbling in at the 700,000 mark by the end of the weekend, Verizon’s made sure to have something to brag about, too. Not only have they completed transitioning their EVDO network to rev. A, they’ve also busted out some tantalizing unlimited plans (although we all know what “unlimited” means). With a network like that, we can see why Apple went to Verizon first – it’s hard to imagine getting better use out of an unlimited text, picture, video and instant messaging plan at 3 Mbit/s than on an iPhone, an experience which Europeans may be enjoying sooner than later. In any case, those brave souls who weathered the storm and stuck with Verizon will have some good service to chew on for awhile.