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Win A $4,500 Trip To New York, Miami, Los Angeles, or Toronto With BBM


BlackBerry is running a fun promotion right now where you win an amazing $4,500 weekend that you’d help plan as well as giving you weekly chances to win tickets, gift cards and more. The trip could take you to New York, Miami, Los Angeles, or Toronto and all you have to do is share your BBM Pin. Details below.
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Search 4 BBM is a Free BlackBerry App That Helps Find BBM Users


Search 4 BBM is an app that helps you find BBM friends using a variety of different methods. This app is particularly useful if you’ve lost all your BBM contacts, or are new to the BlackBerry platform.
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BlackBerry-Based WIC Pager Pilot Program at Children’s Hospital


Currently, many hospitals use an outdated pager system to get in touch with doctors on call. This solution does not allow admins to know whether the message was received and relies on a code system that doesn’t provide much detail as to the nature of the page. Wallace Wireless have a BlackBerry-based solution that brings pager like services to BlackBerry users. The system is in the process of being piloted at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), and if it’s successful could set a new standard for healthcare professionals.
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Schedule Email, SMS and PIN Messages with Message Scheduler 2.0


Message Scheduler 2.0 allows you to schedule email, SMS, and PIN messages and share them with friends using an auto SMS forwarding system. The app is also useful for creating groups of contacts which you can message at once easily. Message Scheduler also allows you to use attachments, and has many of the useful features of a mail client such as an outbox for unsent messages and message storage.

Other features include:

View Message history by using Drafts, Sent and Canceled Folder.
Access to Phone Book and Call Logs for fetching Contact.
Add new, delete old and edit old message and save and use.
Message forwarding allow you to share messages to friends.
Once scheduled SMS delivered, It can be viewed in Send Folder.
User can Cancel message, which sends to Cancel Folder, where user can send it again.
Work with both GSM and CDMA Phones.

More information about Message Scheduler available here.

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Rate User Profiles and Spend Money to Contact Them With Pinvote


There’s a new app called Pinvote which lets you rate a user profile, sort of like the infamous Hot or Not, but puts a twist on it by allowing you to buy credits to contact a user via BBM. This is a pretty awesome idea and I have a hard time not respecting how aggressive they are with monetizing the service, but you have to wonder who is going to pay for a BBM friend. There are already many social networks that allow you to exchange PINs, but I think they’re all going to have a hard time when RIM extends BBM to desktop.

Head over to Pinvote and give it a try.

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BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 launches October 7th



BlackBerry® Messenger is the instant messaging (IM) program that’s unique to BlackBerry smartphone users. You can instantly chat, send and receive pictures, and set your availability status using a familiar desktop IM look and feel—all from your BlackBerry smartphone.

A new version of BlackBerry Messenger will soon be available. We’ve been trying a leaked version of BBM 5.0 for a couple of months now and we couldn’t be more impressed with the new features:

  • Enhanced SMS -Allows for a conversational chat-like user experience with a single contact list for the most personal mobile-to-mobile communications
  • Avatars -Users can choose a picture from the BlackBerry Smartphone gallery and save it as their personal avatar, which will be seen by their contacts. They can also view other avatars in the contact list and zoom in on the avatars of contacts participating in a conversation by selecting “View participants.”
  • Large Media File Transfer -Users can send/receive large file transfers up to 6 megabytes for pictures, files and audio.
  • Enhanced Group Functionality -Allows for the ability to update, share & communicate with a subset community.
  • Bar-code Identity -A user can add a contact to the BlackBerry Messenger contact list by displaying a 2-dimensional bar code that invitees can capture with their device cameras.
  • Reliable Contact Backup and Restore -Contacts are backed-up on a server and do not require the need for BlackBerry® Desktop Manager.