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Riz Now Selling Custom BBM T-Shirts With Your QR Code


Ping me baby riz shirt

Remember Riz? He was that guy that started his career with a song called “Ping!!! Me baby!” and we think it was popular enough that it landed him a record deal. Having recently checked out his site, it doesn’t look like he’s doing songs about BlackBerry anymore but he does have a line of t-shirts that he’s selling with custom QR codes and his famous “PING!!! ME BABY” written on the shirt. It would be cool if Riz could sell these shirts over BBM, but from what we hear, you can’t sell physical goods with RIM’s in-app purchase APIs.

Check out Riz’s new line of BBM t-shirts at this link.

Also, if you’re curious about what he’s using to sell his shirts, check out Shopify.

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BlackBerry Anthems Roundup: What’s Your Favorite?


There are a few BBM songs kicking around these days and we’re curious which one is your favorite. If you’re not a fan of R&B or hip hop, you probably don’t like any of them so you’ll have to vote based on something else (lyrics?). Hit the jump and check out three of the most popular BBM anthems.
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Riz’s iPhone vs BlackBerry App Mock Ad and Real Ad All in One


You can’t really say Riz has sold out because he’s always sort of been a walking billboard for BlackBerry. His track “PING!!! Me Baby” is pretty cool and not necessarily an ad for BlackBerry but more of a fan vid. The latest video on his YouTube channel is a mock ad using the Mac vs PC style, but then jumps into a real ad promoting the BlackBerry Style. Anyways, the video is somewhere between cringing and laughing. Enjoy!

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Watch “PING!!! Me Baby” by Riz and Win a BlackBerry Bold


The artist Riz made a video called “PING!!! Me Baby” using just a BBM screen and the song, whether you like it or not, is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Along with the video release is a contest that Riz is hosting on his site where you can win a BlackBerry Bold. In order to get your free MP3 download of the song and chance to win the Bold, watch the new video for “PING!!! Me Baby” and answer three questions correctly. All the answers will be found in the video itself.

Head over to the site to enter the contest.

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