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Telus launching pink BlackBerry Curve this week?


Pink BlackBerry Curve

Rogers busted out the Pink BlackBerry 8310 not too long ago, and word has it Telus will be following suit. Telus’ pink BlackBerry Pearl was raising money for breast cancer, and it’s a safe bet that they’re doing the same with this new BlackBerry 8330. Pink sells, especially to the female customers, and if the breast cancer donations are ongoing with this model, we can expect a lot more Canadian ladies packing a BlackBerry. Price point is likely to stay at around $149.99 on a three year contract.

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Pink Rogers BlackBerry 8310 hands-on (aka, the ‘not worth it’ Berry)


Pink BlackBerry 8310 Comparison

Sorry for the late updates today, but there was a reason: I spent the morning at the local Rogers Wireless getting some hands-on time with the new pink Rogers BlackBerry 8310 we told you about last week. And despite recent confirmation that the ladies (and stylish gentlemen) love themselves a pink smartphone, I’d have to recommend another method than the 8310.

Why is that? For starters, the device doesn’t come shipped with OS 4.5 as originally hoped, or even OS 4.3, but clunky old (see after the jump). Very disappointing. Also, while the BlackBerry 8310 comes with GPS, it also costs CDN$199 with a 3 year contract (or $150 if you can convince a Rogers manager to give you the new customer discount), pretty expensive considering our friends at Rogers were expecting the upcoming Bold to be released at CDN$299 with a 3 year contract. The Bold, remember, is rocking GPS, 3G and WiFi (don’t expect the WiFi equipped BlackBerry 8320 to be out on Rogers anytime before Christmas, either).

BlackBerry Cool recommends that you hold out for the Bold, or if you really need a pink BB, choose a lovely skin from our friends at DecalGirl and do it yourself. Would you rather have an EDGE BlackBerry 8310 on Rogers for way too much, or a sweet 3G BlackBerry 8330 from Telus customized to perfection (shown above)? We thought so, too.

(Thanks, RogersDude69!)

More BlackBerry 8310 photos after the jump

Roger releases pink BlackBerry 8310, BlackBerry Bold coming June 17th


BlackBerry Curve 8310 in PinkFor those looking to accessorize their summer in style (maybe to go with their Pink Pearl), Rogers has released a pink version of the BlackBerry 8310. Other than the color change (and possibly OS 4.5?), there’s nothing here that you haven’t seen before: EDGE data, 2.0 Mpx camera, GPS, and the not-so-cheap price of $199 on a three year contract (full deets after the jump).

But why buy a pink version of a decent BlackBerry when you can wait two weeks for the greatest BlackBerry ever made? Rumors are swirling over at CrackBerry that Rogers is set to launch the BlackBerry Bold June 17th. For our money, this seems a little too early for two reasons: 1.) We doubt that Rogers will launch the Bold before AT&T, which is looking to be sometime in late July/August and 2.) Ted Rogers hasn’t sent us an engraved invitation to his personal launch party yet. We’ll keep you in the know.

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Click here for BlackBerry 8310 specs!

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 13


BBCoolSimon Sage goes over the holiday’s big BlackBerry news, namely new shots of the BlackBerry 8900, RIM’s stock taking a hit, new 8130 colours, and a smattering of international releases. Get your news right over here.(12 minutes)

I nixed the old iTunes feed since it was obviously not doing what it was supposed to, and started a brand new one which should be updated by the iTunes Store soon.