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BlackBerry Fans Aren’t Gone – They Just Don’t Blog


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No longer the BlackBerry demographic.

There seems to be a misunderstanding in the tech industry that just because BlackBerry users aren’t commenting on your blog or writing about the company, that RIM lacks a fan-base. It’s true that the amount of Internet buzz about BlackBerry does seem to be coming down. Most of the BlackBerry fan sites seem to be slowing down in traffic and have started covering more platforms than just BlackBerry. Take Pinstack.com for example. The site used to be a popular forum for BlackBerry users and now calls itself the “Smartphone Alliance” with more than just BlackBerry covered. PC Mag wrote about the same issue after analyzing the comments on a recent post about smartphone platforms and said:

But there’s one thing missing: I couldn’t find any BlackBerry fans.

This is a huge problem for RIM, which is losing market share every quarter at this point. The problem is only going to get worse if the company can’t muster even a weak cheering section for its products. RIM has relied on IT departments to buy its products for a long time, but with the ongoing consumerization of corporate devices, it has to muster at least some basic level of consumer engagement to succeed against Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

RIM does really well when it comes to the under 20 and over 30 markets in North America, but they are losing share of the mid-20 somethings to Android and iOS. The reason that you won’t see as much about BlackBerry on the Internet is because the 20 somethings control the tech blogging industry and the early adopters aren’t, for the most part, using a BlackBerry these days. Also, as BlackBerry is really popular globally, you’ll see more people writing about BlackBerry in a language other than English.

It’s a really basic point but so many tech bloggers are stuck in their small world of gadget obsessed, early tech adoption, and aren’t interested in a smartphone unless it has that new ridiculous app that Silicon Valley thinks will change the world but is actually really lame. Take the time to talk to someone who doesn’t read tech blogs and they’ll say they love their BlackBerry because the keyboard rules and it came at a really affordable price. They will also not care or know about Quora. But just because a smartphone’s demographic isn’t early adopters, doesn’t mean it lacks a fan base. It’s just that the fanbase isn’t reading your blog and generally aren’t early tech adopters.

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T-Mobile launches TeleNav GPS Navigator in the UK


TeleNav GPS Navigator LogoT-Mobile has announced that they have launched TeleNav GPS Navigator in the UK, the first operator in that area to do so. Chosen as one of the Five Star picks by the BlackBerry forum Pinstack last year, TeleNav has a ton of features for the mobile user on the go. Users can key in their destination or preplan it on the TeleNav website, and the software will give turn-by-turn directions either via voice or on-screen. It also features full 3D maps, a business locator, waypoints, and even a pedestrian mode for planning out long walks.


Pinstack choses their top apps


Gold starPinstack, the biggest honkin’ BlackBerry message board out there, has announced their Five Star picks for BlackBerry software. The people who live and breathe BlackBerry every day have chosen these as their top picks, so if you’re new to the scene, you can count on these programs being top notch. We’re glad to see a bunch of apps on here from folks we know, like Sudoku and KaGlom from Magmic, Virtual Reach’s Viigo, and Ascendo made the list too, although Data Vault was bumped out by SplashID.

Check the winners behind the jump!