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PlayBook Sales Estimated at 429,000 Based on Free Game Downloads



There’s a lot of talk about the PlayBook sales and the issue many had was when Balsillie used the word “shipped” versus “sold”. Estimates on PlayBook sales have been as low as 200,000 and many are curious just how many have actually been sold to date. The problem with these estimates is that they’re not based on anything verifiable but rather based on gut feeling and other reports that also don’t carry any real numbers. Ebscer, developer of the very popular free PlayBook game Pixelated, estimates PlayBook sales at 429,000 tablets. According to Ebscer, “this estimate is based on a lot of assumptions, and guess work but is based on the number of downloads of the free game Pixelated. However, as Pixelated has remained one of the top 10 most popular applications on the PlayBook, I feel that I have better numbers then most people to base this guess on.”

We would agree that basing sales on a free game is a good starting point and many analysts would do well talking to developers rather than retail outlets and supply chains. With a group of very popular developers, you could get an accurate reading of exactly how many PlayBooks have been sold.

Note: these numbers come from a post dated June 15th, 2011, so numbers will have increased since.

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