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QuickPlay launches free VideoStreams


VideoStreamsQuickPlay, the guys who do cool streaming audio and video players for BlackBerry, have released a new free one called VideoStreams for the BlackBerry 8130. The new software, available from www.videoforblackberry.com on your mobile browser, depends on streaming video support, EVDO availability, being in North America and having a forgiving data plan. QuickPlay’s already been offering video streaming as a service to carriers, but it’s now that it’s been ironed out, a free version is here for all-comers. The current content is broken up into comedy, extreme sports, horoscopes and music videos, with more likely on the way. Give it a shot and let us know how it runs!


Telus and Bell slash BlackBerry 8130 prices


Bell 8130If Telus’ $15 Pearl plan wasn’t enough to rope you in since it’s just e-mail, browsing and IM, maybe you’d like to hear that both Telus and Bell are offering the BlackBerry 8130 for free on a 3-year plan that includes $45 monthly fee or more. Of course, this deal is only for the Christmas season, so you’ve only got until the end of the month to get in on the action. With that, both casual BlackBerry users and the more hardcore ones both get a deal, and Rogers is totally left in the dust.

Motorola Q 9h gets BlackBerry Connect


Q9hOne more device has joined the ranks of BlackBerry emulation: AT&T’s Motorola Q9h. What do you have to gain from signing up to BlackBerry Connect? Well, you’ve got three plans available.

*PDA Enterprise Unlimited for BlackBerry Connect – allows unlimited corporate (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) and personal (BlackBerry Internet Service) email plus web browsing and other data usage
*PDA Enterprise Unlimited for BlackBerry Connect + Tethering – allows the above services, plus using the device as a modem for your laptop
*PDA Enterprise Unlimited for BlackBerry Connect + Tethering + Cellular Video – allows the above services, plus Cellular Video service on your device

We’ll try not to judge you for leaving the BlackBerry while still clinging to the services, but no guarantees.

Rogers introduces new e-mail plan for Pearl


Rogers LogoIt sounds like Rogers is trying to put up a fight against Bell and Telus’ impending BlackBerry 8130 sales by offering a cheap e-mail plan for their tragically outdated 8100. For $15/month you get unlimited e-mail across up to 10 accounts on your Pearl and unlimited BlackBerry Messenger use, but that doesn’t count any data or voice usage. A good start for making BlackBerry-using a bit more affordable up north, but we’ve got a ways to go. For more details on usage, check over here.

T-Mobile tweaks BlackBerry BIS data plans


T-MobileIf you’re not into all that mobile web browsing that the young whippersnappers are doing these days, and just need good old-fashioned e-mail, T-Mobile will be offering a $10/month deal that will give you e-mail access alone. The downside is that the existing BIS option will go up in price ten bucks, putting it on par with BES prices at $39.99. Changes should be visible on T-Mobile’s site by the 16th., and in stores today.