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RIM Addresses a Few Questions About App World Frustrations and Upcoming Features


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RIM has really ramped up the content on their official channels in response to some of the discussion that has been going on lately regarding developer frustrations and what the community would like to see. It’s great to see the company so open about this stuff, and it goes a long way to showing the community that they’re listening and reassuring them that these frustrations are being dealt with. App World’s Alex K had this to say about some of your questions:
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Scripts and Batch File Help for Developing for the BlackBerry PlayBook


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We’ve got a feeling that into BlackBerry PlayBook development articles are going to be a theme on the official Dev Blog for the near future. It’s clear the editorial goal will be to clearly outline the steps to setting up your PlayBook dev environment and getting your first apps running. Today’s article by the Dev Blog is entitled Getting Started Tips for BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Tablet OS. The article outlines the basic setup steps, and then goes in to greater detail with some helpful scripts and batch files that do some of the tedious work when deploying and uninstalling your PlayBook apps.

Head over to the Dev Blog and copy and paste these useful scripts. We’re positive there’s more help on the way.

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More Suggestions on Making PlayBook Development Easier



We’ve been getting lots of follow up about PlayBook development since recent posts about the subject and the support forums are sounding off too. One such thread is by pnewhook, who follows up with some of his own suggestions. They’re worth checking out and we’d like to hear yours too. Pnewhook’s suggestions include:
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XIMAD Launches Brain Cube and Previews Droplets Game for PlayBook


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XIMAD has recently launched a new BlackBerry game called Brain Cube. The game involves navigating a rectangular block around obstacles in order to reach the end of the level. Brain Cube has several levels with varying difficulty and features social integration so you can share it easily with people in your network.

The company is also previewing their upcoming PlayBook game Droplets. The game has some nice-looking graphics and it’s also of the puzzle genre. Check out some of the screenshots in App World.

BlackBerry may not have a reputation for being much of a gaming platform but as long as companies like XIMAD keep developing great games, perception will change.

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BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK Walkthrough Video


RIM’s developer blog posted a video that walks you through deploying an app to the PlayBook simulator, as well as shows how the Tablet OS SDK integrates directly into Adobe Flash Builder 4 and the GUI builder in Flash Builder “Burrito”. It looks like building a PlayBook app is fairly easy, and with a little bit of work, you can make yourself eligible for a free PlayBook.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Developer Webcasts Recapped


playbook and torch

Back in late October, we told you that RIM would be holding 5 weeks of BlackBerry PlayBook developer webcasts to answer some critical questions about PlayBook development. The official BlackBerry dev blog put up a recap of the webcasts, as well as answered some common questions that were asked in the Q&A portion of the webcasts. Those questions included:
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