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Music WithMe Updated With More Playlists and Improved Speeds


parkvu music withme

Music WithMe lets you wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists with your BlackBerry and the app has been updated to 1.4v. The new version improves download speeds increases the amount of playlists you can sync. The average Music WithMe user has about 18 playlists, and the new version will accommodate the Music WithMe users who are big-time playlist creators.
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FileScout Updated with ScreenCapture App and Playlist Enhancements


filescout on the torch

FileScout, one of the best file explorer apps for the BlackBerry, has been updated with a screenshot app called ScreenScout, and some playlist enhancements. The new screenshot app is even included in the free version of FileScout, FileScoutLite. While there are a lot of free screenshot solutions on the market right now, FileScout’s comes with customization to fit your needs.

Check out FileScout and FileScoutLite in the store.

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Music WitMe Updated with More Support for iTunes Playlists


parkvu music withme

Today ParkVu is announcing updates to Music WithMe, the BlackBerry app that lets you wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists with your BlackBerry. Tracks are downloaded via cellular network or Wi-Fi, stored on the media card and played from the BlackBerry’s own media player. On a side note, since its launch a month ago, Music WithMe has processed over 1,000,000 iTunes tracks.

Music WithMe new features include:

  • Support for iTunes playlist folders – sync your playlist folder on your BlackBerry and any subsequently added playlists to the folder are automatically synced to the device
  • New playlist info – In playlist screen, select ‘playlist info’ to view the number of tracks in the playlist that can be played, the number of unsupported tracks due to format or DRM protection as well as the number of tracks in the cloud, tracks needed from iTunes and tracks that can’t be found
  • Support for network attached storage/media servers

Check out Music WithMe in App World for more information.

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3rd.-party media player rocks playlists and cover flow


FlipSideA new media player is on the block, for those who can’t wait for OS 4.3 to get their playlists. FlipSide is in open beta right now, for your testing pleasure, featuring not only a customizable playlist, but also a very iPhone-esque cover flipping. I know some of you Mac guys out there want your swooshy user interface but still hang onto the BB functionality, which FlipSide certainly delivers. Using the scrollball to flip through albums feels great, and the controls are highly intuitive: spacebar to play and pause, hold it down to skip tracks, click the scroll button to view an album’s contents, and hold it down to add a track (or album) to your playlist. On top of smooth controls, FlipSide also downloads covers for your music and even links to Wikipedia biographies of the artists. If you listen to any music whatsoever, grab this now, it’s awesome. Hell, even if you don’t listen to music on your BlackBerry, this will make you want to.