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BlackBerry Theme Builder speaks out


Krad's BlackBerry themes are really coolThere’s nothing better than a slick custom theme for your BlackBerry. Ever since RIM allowed users to create their own themes, there’s been a healthy development community within the depths of the Internet busily crafting their masterpieces.

With Plazmic’s Content Developer’s Kit 4.2.2 having just dropped, we thought now would be a good time to step inside a theme builder’s mind and see what it’s all about. Check out theme builder Chunky Munky‘s thoughts after the jump, and feel free to post your own as a comment.

Step into Chunky Munky’s mind…

Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit v4.2.2 released


PlazmicListen up devs and artists, there’s a little upgrade to the Plazmic CDK out, and word has it that developing BlackBerry 8800 and BlackBerry 8300 themes is now supported. There are some functionality changes behind the jump, and a few known issues they’re still working on. Rumor has it v4.3’s coming sometime this September, which will be packing some pretty huge changes. Keep an eye out.

Check out what’s new in 4.2.2