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PocketGear Relaunches As Appia And Exits Direct-to-Consumer Market



PocketGear has recently grown with the acquisition of Handango and now they’re pivoting the company in a pretty radical direction. PocketGear is not only rebranding itself as Appia, but it’s changing the business model to be a white label commerce and content platform for major brands, carriers, OEM, and handset manufacturers who want to set up an app store. By focusing on this niche market, Appia will probably do a good job of helping developers navigate the carrier decks, but you have to wonder whether these channels are relevant in light of ubiquitous manufacturer app stores.

Coming out of the gate, here’s what Appia considers its main advantage over others in the space:
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BlackBerry Partners Fund Invests in PocketGear with Potential App World Benefits


The BlackBerry Partners Fund has announced a $15 Million Series B funding in PocketGear, led by Trident Capital. PocketGear bills itself as world’s largest cross platform, open app store and content marketplace, after its acquisition of Handango.

PocketGear, Handango, and Mobihand are all part of a similar business model to sell software outside of the carrier and manufacturer channels and it’s a business that seems increasingly risky given that RIM, Apple and the big players are in the space as well. While PocketGear competes with App World, the investment could benefit the company if they can bring PocketGear’s relationships into App World. PocketGear has access to over 32,000 developer relationships and more than 140,000 paid and free titles.

More information available from the press release.

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PocketGear Acquires Handango to Become Largest App Store



Handango have been on a downward slope for some time now as most of the bigger sites signed up with Mobihand, and carriers are taking app store development in-house. I assume the company must have been close to bankruptcy and PocketGear came in and acquired them. Now PocketGear supports 2,000+ mobile devices, every major OS, with 140,000+ paid and free titles.

Considering the market, I can’t imagine PocketGear is in much of a better position. I’m not even sure about Mobihand’s ability to stay relevant over the long term, let alone PocketGear which is bloated with apps that will never sell. In general, I think the market is going to continue to trend towards the carriers and manufacturers fighting for market share, with a few independent stores getting whatever they can.

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