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EA Acquires PopCap Games for $750M


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The mainstream, multi-platform game developer giant known as Electronic Arts has acquired PopCap Games, a major contender in the online world of casual and social gaming. In one fell swoop, EA came that much close to their goal of being worth $1bn. Earlier this week, PopCap and EA settled on an acquisition price of $750 million. While some analysts are questioning the high price of the acquisition,urchase, CEO of EA, John Riccitiello insists that the price was fair and just. “Acquiring PopCap extends the leadership we have established since the investment in our flagship casual site, Pogo. It adds to our momentum on the mobile and social platforms and accelerates us toward our goal of achieving $1 billion in digital business in FY12,” he said.
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No Plants vs Zombies for BlackBerry? PopCap Games Says BlackBerry Not on Their Radar


blackberry playbook with plants vs zombies

The BlackBerry PlayBook is going to be an awesome gaming platform due to the fact that it will be able to run Flash, web apps and native BlackBerry apps all on the same platform. The problem, is that the message doesn’t seem to be getting out to game developers properly, because even after the announcement, major casual gaming companies like PopCap aren’t motivated to develop for BlackBerry.

According to PopCap’s director of mobile business development, “RIM today is not really on our radar.” He also added, with respect to BlackBerry devices, “They’re not great gaming machines.”

Even though the processor lacks and OpenGL isn’t consistent across devices, the QNX OS and PlayBook are going to open BlackBerry to more games and hopefully allow the company to shed this negative press they constantly get.

Do you like playing games on your BlackBerry? What games have you played recently that you enjoy?

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