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ChargeCard Announces a BlackBerry Compatible Micro USB Mobile Charging Solution


Chargecard is an amazingly portable charging solution that also acts as a USB cable. ChargeCard is the width of a couple of credit cards and fits comfortably in wallets and tiny purses. Other changing solutions usually involve a bulky battery pack and cable while ChargeCard solves all of that with elegant design.
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Duracell releases BlackBerry portable battery chargers


Duracell PowerSource Mini

Two chargers were launched by Duracell today, offering BlackBerry users a full hour’s worth of talk time and the equivalent in data use. The PowerSource Mini is packing two miniUSB ports, in case you’ve got a RAZR that needs charging at the same time, and can charge its lithium-ion battery through your car, AC outlet, or even your computer. It’s a little bulkier than your standard charging cord, but hey, for an extra charge on the go, I think I could make some room. Duracell also kicked off My Pocket Charger which runs on two double-AAs rather than a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and has the added benefit of supporting microUSB in case you plan on picking up the BlackBerry Kickstart or BlackBerry Javelin whenever they come out. If you’re interested, the PowerSource Mini is going for $49.99 and the Pocket Charger for a more affordable $14.99.