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Energy Saving App by Smart Power Devices Available as Free Beta


power spotlight app
The above is from the iPhone version

The Power Spotlight app, which is currently available for iPhone, has gone into beta for BlackBerry. The app displays energy data that shows users the best and worst times to run electrical devices. In many cities across North America, municipalities have determined certain times where energy is cheaper and more expensive in order to meet high demand zones. Power Stoplight’s app formats and displays this data for consumers so they can easily see and understand when is the best time to use or generate electricity.
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Heard of the BlackBerry Curve Challenge? Portland, heads up!


BlackBerry Curve Challenge

I’ll be the first to admit, a lot of news shoots into BBCool HQ. Sometimes, something gets missed and it’s Simon’s nobody’s fault. That being said, have you heard about the BlackBerry Curve Challenge? Seems as though Facebook and and Verizon have teamed up to offer a cool scavenger hunt-styled race across a variety of cities in North America. Each team will be given a BlackBerry Curve 8330 to aid them along the way, with the winning team qualifying for the final round on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco! What’s the grand prize? How about a one-week, all-expense-paid vacation to Rome, Paris, Maui or the Mayan Riviera!

Competitions in Boston and Minneapolis have already passed, but those in Portland still have a chance to register for their event on June 7th. Sounds like a really cool way to have fun with BlackBerrys; we’ll be sure to pay better attention in the future. Check out their site for more information.