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Third Party BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 Extended Battery Pack Coming Soon


Owners of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 are no doubt pleased by their devices’ performance and screen brightness, but disappointed about battery life. Like a sports car that can only go 50 miles, these models always needed an early-evening charge if they hoped to make it through the day. Just like extended Bold battery packs in the past, they exchange about an extra half-inch of device width for extreme battery capacity: a whopping 3000mAh.
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New Wi-Fi chip to save lots of power


AtherosWe just read on Gizmodo about some upcoming Wi-Fi chip from Atheros which will be very forgiving to battery life. The AR6002 claims to be “The World’s Lowest-Power Mobile WLAN Solution” and will take 100 hours to drain a 3.7V, 800mAh battery running on VoIP, and has virtually no drain while the handheld runs in standby. We all know how much stock RIM puts into battery life, so maybe this little sucker will find its way into 8820s, 8120s, and 8320s after first quarter of 2008 when they get released.

Broadcom working on low-power single-chip GPS


GPSBroadcom will be showcasing a new chip at the Institute of Navigation conference in Ft. Worth, Texas today. The BCM4750 chip is aimed to have low power consumption and high sensitivity, as well as some new advancements which would allow for signals to reach indoors and into urban canyons. We often forget that Broadcom actually does some, y’know, engineering amidst all the litigation.

“The Broadcom BCM4750 is produced in a low cost 90 nanometer CMOS process and features superior receiver technology and tracking sensitivity. The receiver makes full use of the Global Locate architecture, and can measure the faintest GPS signals deep indoors and in “urban canyon” environments at signal levels as low as -162 dBm. It also consumes less than 15 mW while navigating with one second map updates, less than half the power of competitive solutions according to published datasheets.”